Eph and Dutch Ep.10 The Strain
Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas, left) and Eph (Corey Stoll, right) look to take out Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde, not pictured) in episode 10 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX.

Eph (Corey Stoll) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas) risked it all in “The Strain” Season 2, episode 10, titled “The Assassin,” to try and take out Eldritch Palmer (Jonathan Hyde) once and for all. However, the two learned the hard way that when you risk everything, you could lose everything.

The episode begins with Eph and Dutch up in a building across from Stone Heart waiting for Palmer to show up so Eph can try to take him out with the rifle he bought. Dutch was able to get Eph equipment that uses a laser to detect vibrations on a window that reveal when a person is in that room.

Councilwoman Justine Feraldo (Samantha Mathis) holds a press conference in the Upper East side and says her initiative to clean up the city will going there next, but she wants the residents to pay one percent of their property value to her effort, which they aren't happy about. She argues the residents of Red Hook physically had to fight the strigoi themselves and she knows the Upper East side residents would likely prefer to pay than fight.

Setrakian (David Bradley), along with Fet (Kevin Durand) and Nora (Mia Maestro), continue to search for the Occido Lumen, the book that's supposedly cursed and brings death and disaster to anyone who reads it. The three of them are searching for Rudyard Fonescu (David Schall), the boy with the ear scars from the convent in Austria, who was shown in a flashback earlier this season.

The group found four addresses for him in the phone book so they set out to search each location to see if they can find him and if he still has the Lumen. They have no luck with the first address and at the second they find themselves in a battle with two strigoi as house music blasts throughout the apartment. Setrakian decapitates one, while Nora shoots the other and they quickly learn the second home wasn't the right home either.

The Strain Ep. 10
Eph (Corey Stoll, left) and Dutch (Ruta Gedmintas, right) in a still from episode 10 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX.

Eph and Dutch talk while waiting for Palmer to get back, and soon Palmers voice gets picked up by the equipment. Eph looks on and sees Palmer still trying to fix things with Coco (Lizzie Brocheré), who agreed to come back to work but still isn't fond of him. Mayor Lyle (Ron Canada) then walks in and asks Palmer to speak to Justine because she's making him look bad. Palmer agrees to go talk to her that afternoon. Dutch and Eph see this as an opportunity to go find a perch, so they can finally shoot and take out Palmer.

Eph find a nice spot right across the street and above where Palmer will address the press. When Palmer arrives he is immediately swarmed by media. After ducking from security scanning the roofs, Eph looks down the scope and waits until he gets a clear shot. Dutch looks on with binoculars and it appears as if they might lose him as he keeps moving towards the door to go inside. Luckily for Eph, the clear shot shortly opens up and he pulls the trigger and it looks like he strikes Palmer as everyone ducks.

Before they run down the fire escape, Eph looks through the scope again to make sure he did hit Palmer. He sees Palmer laying on the floor with blood spattered on the window and he decides it's now a good time to run. Back on the street level, Palmer gets up unaware of what happened. It was made clear in episode 9 that Eph is very inaccurate with a weapon and it's revealed he shot and hit Coco instead of Palmer.

Eph and Dutch run down the fire escape towards their getaway motorcycle, but police pull up in front of it. They decide to run through the building and Dutch gets rid of Eph's snow hat so they don't recognize him. The two walk out of the lobby of the building and through the street and it looks like they're home clear when Eph bumps into a cop in street clothes who recognizes them. Eph and Dutch run into an alley but it's closed off by a fence. Eph is able to hop it, but the officer stops Dutch. Eph sees her get arrested and tries to run but more patrol cars show up and he's forced to surrender to police.

Occido Lumen
Setrakian (David Bradley, left), Nora (Mia Maestro, middle) and Fet (Kevin Durand, right) search for the Occido Lumen in episode 10 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX.

Setrakian, Fet and Nora arrive at the third Fonescu address, which is bookstore with an apartment above it. Setrakian senses they're in the right place, so they head up towards the apartment and begin searching it for the Lumen. As Fet and Nora go through the apartment, they hear about an assassination attempt on Palmer over the radio and that two people were taken into custody. Fet knows what Eph and Dutch were up to and he goes to leave to try and help them. Setrakian tries to stop him from leaving because he believes finding the Lumen is what's most important. Fet says Dutch and Eph are more important, and he heads to the police station with Nora.

Palmer looks on as surgeons operate on Coco to try and save her life. Eichorst shows up and Palmer tells him he needs to see the master immediately. If Coco dies, Palmer said he's done helping the Master and Eichorst. Eichorst says he will pass that message along to the Master. The surgeons are able to save Coco, but she's in a coma and there was major brain damage done from being without a pulse for four minutes. It's unclear if Coco will ever come out of the coma she is in.

Eph and Dutch are being held in a cell in police headquarters and they both believe they killed Palmer. But Eph doesn't believe it did any good because they were caught. Police unlock their cell and pull Dutch out and take her into another room. Eph is left there alone when Palmer walks in alive and well.

Palmer tells Eph he missed him and instead struck a woman, who may now be brain dead. Palmer doesn't understand why they're still fighting when he said the war is already over. Eph wants nothing more than to get his hands on Palmer, who says the Master couldn't have picked a better lackey. Palmer said they're partners which makes Eph laugh. Eph asks why the Master would ever share his new kingdom with him and that he wished he killed Palmer because the world would've thanked him.

Fet and Nora
Fet (Kevin Durand, left) and Nora (Mia Maestro, right) search for the Occido Lumen in an apartment in episode 10 of "The Strain." Michael Gibson/FX

Setrakian continues to search the apartment when a strigoi comes up from behind him and tries to attack him with its stinger. Setrakian is able to dodge it and cuts its head off. He looks at the head of the strigoi and looks for the scar near the ear, which it doesn't have, meaning the third address on the list isn't the right either.

Palmer sits by Coco's bedside in his apartment watching her when the Master shows up and heals Coco with his blood. Coco wakes up, sees the Master and is clearly terrified. Palmer tells her he helped the Master because he saved him, and because they're partners he saved her too. The light may have finally clicked on in Coco's head that Palmer is responsible for the vampire plague that is ruining the city.

Eph remains in jail when strigoi swarm police headquarters, attacking almost every officer. Fet and Nora arrive just in time to save Eph as they slice their way through all the strigoi in the precinct and break him out. When they go to leave police headquarters, Stevens (Morgan Kelly), who arrested Dutch and Eph somehow survives the attack. Dutch is nowhere to be found and Fet asks him where she is. Stevens says she was taken to the Mayfield Hotel on someone's orders.

The fourth home Setrakian visits is an apartment in Washington Heights. He's able to get into the apartment and he starts tearing it apart, rummaging through clothes and different items looking for the Lumen. He has no luck and thinks he hit another dead end when he hears a strange creek on the floor under his feet. He moves away the carpet under him and finds a hidden space, pops open the floor board, and finds a book wrapped up in cloth. He peels away the cloth revealing the Lumen and begins flipping through the pages. Someone pops up from behind Setrakian and hits him in the head knocking him out slightly and takes back the Lumen.

At the hotel, Dutch is chained to a crank in a small round room as Eichorst appears to be the one who asked for her. Dutch is being drawn closer to him with the crank and it looks like Dutch might become a meal for Eichorst.