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  • Stray Kids member Bang Chan slammed the new generation of K-pop idols over alleged improper greeting etiquette
  • Bang claimed he was ignored when he greeted some idols at a Paris "Music Bank" show
  • The rapper did not name any names

Stray Kids member Bang Chan called out newer K-pop idols who allegedly failed to observe proper greeting etiquette, which is a big deal in South Korean culture.

During a live broadcast on YouTube Sunday, the 25-year-old artist took some time to chat with his fans and react to the latest videos released by other South Korean groups and solo artists, such as Seventeen, Xdinary Heroes, Ha Hyun Sang and Day6, among others.

But when one viewer asked about his experience traveling to Paris and performing at a special "Music Bank" show alongside his fellow Stray Kids members — Hyunjin, Felix, Lee Know, I.N., Han, Changbin and Seungmin — last April, his mood turned a bit serious as he shared a not-so-good encounter with some among the new generation of K-pop idols.

"I don't know if I just sound like a boomer [because] generations are different, [but] I feel like it's come to a point where greeting someone is not considered as basic manners," Bang said.

"I'm not like cussing people out or anything. It's just that if you see someone walk by [and] you say, 'Annyeonghaseyo (hello),' but then if they don't reply back, you know you'd be like, 'What? OK, this generation is allowed to do that? Just not care?'" he added.

The "Maniac" singer said that there were such "scenarios" happening at the time but worried that he was "overexaggerating" the situation, describing himself as a "boomer" — a person, regardless of generation, who has close-minded opinions or is resistant to change.

"But I mean from my perspective, whoever it is, I'm going to say hi the best I can because I am here to have fun and greet people I like and respect," he said.

The comments section was flooded with requests for Bang to name the idol — or idols — he was referring to, but he declined to do so.

"I'm not going to say names, but I guess some people that I don't know, I guess it's like that. Maybe that could be the reason why there's no connection. They could've been shy or nervous," he suggested.

It is unclear who the singer was talking about, but other artists who performed at the Paris La Défense Arena last month included IVE, Mamamoo, The Boyz, NMIXX, AB6IX and Enhypen.

Bang has been vocal about showing respect toward other idols, whether they are older or younger than him.

Last year, the singer also addressed the issue in a live broadcast explaining the importance of greetings and admitted that he did feel disappointed whenever he encountered someone who "completely" ignored their group or gave no reaction to them.

"It's a simple gesture, but there's a big difference when you say 'hi' or if you don't say 'hi,' if you get what I mean. It depends on how you say 'hi,' it makes the other person feel a certain way. The tone of the [greeting], the way you greet is really important," Bang said at the time.

He continued, "You know how doing a full 90-degree 'annyeonghaseyo (hello)' might be the proper way, but I feel like putting emotion into a greeting is more important than how you actually do it."

Greeting is a part of the country's culture as it is one of the most obvious signs of showing respect. The most common method in South Korea is bowing, in which a person who is younger or in a lower hierarchal status bows to someone older or in a higher position.

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