Stray Kids vocalist Han Ji-Sung reflected on his ‘rebellious’ days with the group during the latest episode of the YouTube series, “2 Kids Room.”

The 21-year-old “Thunderous” rapper sat down with Felix and reminisced about their early days in the group and how they became closer over the years.

“2 Kids Room” is a YouTube series featuring Stray Kids members conversing with each other regarding their music and friendship.

“You know my rebellious phase, during our early debut days when I fought with Seungmin, Hyunjin and I.N. and even with the older guys. We all had those times,” Han told Felix – his closest friend in the group.

The K-pop idol revealed that at the beginning of their career, he was not close to anyone and misunderstood a lot of the members. But after spending more time together, he was able to slowly appreciate each member, especially Felix.

“After opening up fully, I started to see the good side of our members and I saw how adorable you were,” Han told Felix who was listening intently to his story.

“That’s when I started to joke around you and you took it really well. You started joking with me. We got close naturally,” Han added.

Watching their conversation on a monitor placed outside the venue of the show, group leader Bang Chan gushed about the closeness of Han and Felix, whose real name is Lee Yong-Bok.

“This could just be me but Han is really affectionate towards Yong-Bok,” Chan said. The 24-year-old singer noted that Han seems to be more comfortable making jokes with Felix.

He added, “If Felix comes over, he’s like, ‘Hey!’”

Despite their closeness, main rapper Changbin revealed the pair have fought in the past – a revelation which surprised Seungmin and I.N.

“There was a little misunderstanding between them because of their words,” Changbin explained. He said Felix likes to resolve disagreements immediately while Han is a bit on the defensive side. “Yongbok went to him and they worked it out well,” Changbin recalled.

On the work front, Stray Kids recently postponed their shows in Newark and Chicago after Felix, I.N and Lee Know tested positive for COVID-19.

South Korean Boy band Stray Kids Johnny Louis/Getty Images