Street Fighter
“Street Fighter 30th Anniversary” is slated for release on May 29, 2018. Reuters/Noah K. Murray of USA TODAY Sports

“Street Fighter 30th Anniversary” is not arriving until later this month, but important details about the upcoming compilation have already been made available online. In case you need a refresher ahead of the game’s big day on May 29, check out the major features that Capcom confirmed via the official fact sheet of the title.

Interactive Timeline

Because this is a special release that aims to relive the iconic fighting game series, developer Digital Eclipse and publisher Capcom have come up with a feature that would serve that purpose. “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary” has an interactive timeline of events that helped create and establish the fame of the series. The feature revisits historic moments from the series by presenting original concept art of the game and characters. It also sheds light on some unknown facts behind each game.

Fan-Favorite Character Secrets

Complementing the interactive timeline is a feature that’s going to give loyal fans access to the interesting behind-the-scenes look at classic characters. The feature will let players scroll through character bios that include new details about the fan-favorites. Sprites and key animations are also present to show fans how the classic fighters evolved through time.

New Gameplay Options

Although the upcoming release is just a compilation of 12 classic “Street Fighter” titles, the people behind it still want to deliver something new to loyal fans. That’s why they have included new gameplay options. There’s an option to play online and players can use save status as they progress. Meanwhile, four classic titles offer online options. Also included are Ranked and Casual Match options.

Nostalgic Soundtrack

Every gaming series has its official soundtrack and Capcom has not forgotten to compile all the most memorable tracks from the “Street Fighter” games for this new collection. Fans can enjoy some nostalgia by listening to the tracks in “Street Fighter 30th Anniversary’s” Music Player.

Nintendo Switch Special Play Mode

For those who are getting a copy for their Nintendo Switch console, they will be given access to the exclusive 8-player tournament mode. This mode is the recreation of the “Super Street Fighter II: Tournament Battle” arcade game, and it utilizes the Switch’s local network system for a bracket-based tournament.

Included Titles

“Street Fighters 30th Anniversary” is an all-in-one package that highlights 12 classic titles, namely: “Street Fighter,” “Street Fighter II,” “Street Fighter II: Champion Edition,” “Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting,” “Super Street Fighter II,” “Super Street Fighter II: Turbo,” “Street Fighter Alpha,” “Street Fighter Alpha 2,” “Street Fighter Alpha 3,” “Street Fighter III,” “Street Fighter II: 2nd Impact” and “Street Fighter II: Third Strike.”

The action-fighting compliation is slated for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on May 29, 2018. It has a $39.99 suggested retail price. Learn more about the game, by visiting its webpage.