Fourth grade students allegedly plotted to kill their teacher for being mean. Courtesy/Reuters

A school board member and concerned parents caught wind of an alleged plot by students to kill their fourth grade teacher for being mean. The alleged plot was conceived in December just before Elba Elementary School’s winter break. Three students were reportedly involved, WGRZ, Buffalo, New York, reported.

The students planned to expose the teacher to anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and other products because she was highly allergic to them. A board member alerted the police after she discovered the plan through other parents and her son.

“The suspects made comments to other students that they were going to kill the teacher by putting antibacterial products around the classroom,” the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department said.

Youth officers were called to the school, where they interviewed the suspected students with their parents and a number of school officials present. One student said the teacher “yells at us and that the class has problems with her.” Another claimed the plan to poison the teacher came from another student.

Elba Superintendent Jerome Piwko issued a statement regarding the incident Thursday.

“This event has been a shock to our community and school,” he said. “The district cannot comment on the specifics of this event, including discipline, as the information is protected from disclosure under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.”

Piwko assured local residents disciplinary actions were taken, and the safety of the teacher was a primary concern. “As soon as the district was made aware of the students' discussion, it called in students that were thought to have knowledge of the discussions,” Piwko said.

Elba is a small town of approximately 2,370 people north of the city of Batavia in northwest New York.