Sugar declined for the fourth time in New York on speculation of increased sugar output from Brazil flooding the market.

Sugar futures for July delivery declined by 1.9 percent or 0.23 cents to 12.02 cents a pound on ICE Futures U.S. the former Board of Trade.

Brazil's sugar output was forecasted to be 498.1 metric tons which will increase output by 9.2 percent to 28.6 million tons compared to last year.

Brazil will use 58 percent of its sugar output to make ethanol and the rest will be exported which will increase exports by 15 percent to 18.9 million tons.

Sugar futures dropped by 7.8 percent last week on concern of global production surpassing demand this year.

Sugar for May delivery declined by 5.2 percent or 0.59 cents to 10.78 cents a pound in New York.