Rap mogul "Suge" Knight is being sued by the widow of Terry Carter (not pictured). Here, he appears in court for a arraignment hearing for the murder trial in Los Angeles, California, April 30. Reuters

The widow of Terry Carter is suing record producer Marion “Suge” Knight over the wrongful death of her husband on Jan. 29. Lilian Carter filed the lawsuit on Wednesday against Knight and rappers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre as well as Universal Studios.

Carter, 55, was co-founder of Heavyweight Records and a friend of Knight’s. Witnesses say Knight argued with Carter and filmmaker Cle "Bone" Sloan, who suffered head and foot injuries from the incident, on the “Straight Outta Compton” film set in Compton, California, in January, then followed them to a burger stand parking lot, where he reportedly intentionally struck them with his car. Video footage released in March shows the 50-year-old producer appearing to run over both men.

Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Universal Studios are being sued for "failing to provide adequate security and negligence" on the film’s set, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The lawsuit also states that Universal was allegedly negligent in allowing “Straight Outta Compton” to be shot in and around Compton, despite knowing that Dr. Dre and Knight had an ongoing feud. Dr. Dre had reportedly warned his security team to prohibit Knight from appearing on the set. The lawsuit also said that Universal shouldn’t have hired Sloan as an adviser on the film.

"This lawsuit concerns the tragic tale of how reckless corporate greed, disguised as the quest for authenticity, (led) to a foreseeable altercation that resulted in the death of a successful businessman," the complaint read, according to the Associated Press.

Knight is currently being held on $10 million bail. He could face up to 25 years to life in prison if convicted of murder. His bail was set at $25 million in March, but was reduced on April 16. His trial will begin July 7 unless a motion is approved to move it to a later date. Knight's defense attorney, Thomas Mesereau, said to ABC News on May 29 that he is "convinced" his client is innocent.

Knight has had numerous altercations with the law dating back to the early 1990s, including a 2012 arrest after police found marijuana in his car. He was also arrested in 2014 for stealing the camera of a female photographer with comedian Katt Williams.