Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is giving Mike (Patrick J. Adams) another opportunity to work at Pearson Specter Litt in Season 6, episode 10 of “Suits.”

According to TV Guide, Harvey will offer Mike to be a consultant at the law firm, but it seems that the former faux lawyer won’t accept the job offer right away.

Adams told Yahoo TV that the question of what Mike will do next after serving his time in jail for practicing law fraudulently is going to be a “longer conversation” and is something that will not be resolved in a single episode.

“There is some conversation in [the midseason finale] about what might be [his] next steps, but the back six episodes [of Season 6] I’m sure will be about what Mike does and how he fits in,” the 35-year-old actor said.

Aside from figuring out what his next move will be, Mike will also be spending the summer finale making it up to Rachel (Meghan Markle) for all the lost time. “He’s just focused on getting back to being with Rachel,” Adams told Yahoo TV, noting that viewers will witness a reversal of sorts between Mike and Rachel in the episode.

“He’s just so excited to finally be able to support Rachel in her first case,” Adams told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s really about that; a reversal where he gets to be the one sitting in the courtroom watching her and helping her as he quietly readjusts to his life.”

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“Suits” Season 6 summer finale, titled “P.S.L.,” airs on Wednesday, Sept 14, at 9 p.m. on USA Network. Check out the synopsis and preview clip for the episode below.

“Jessica [Gina Torres] and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey’s [Glenn Plummer] life; and Harvey and Louis [Rick Hoffman] try to convince their oldest and most loyal client to stay in an attempt to keep other PSL clients from jumping ship.”