Rick Hoffman as Luis Litt and Carly Pope as Tara Messer
“Suits” actor Rick Hoffman teased what will happen in the first date between his character Louis Litt and Carly Pope's Tara Messer. Shane Mahood/USA Network

After Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) admitted to Tara Messer (Carly Pope) that he was buying a house in the Hamptons just to get closer with her, the architect — without a second thought — agreed in this week’s episode of “Suits” to go on a date with the lawyer. But are fans going to see that date?

“The answer to that is yes,” Hoffman told Entertainment Weekly. “After Louis gets caught in this lie about the house, he ends up just completely stripping himself down and just being blatantly honest and letting her know why he did what he did, and that earns him the date.”

“You definitely get to see at least the start of the journey of a potential Louis and Tara relationship,” the 46-year-old actor added. “What that brings, we don’t know exactly. It’s one of those things where, let’s just put it this way: In most relationships, nothing comes easy — especially for Louis. I’m sure you can imagine.”

Although Hoffman revealed that Louis won’t be taking Tara to a mud bath or to a cat museum for their date, he did say that the “date won’t be a boring viewing experience.”

In a separate interview with USAnetwork.com, Hoffman said that Louis and Tara’s relationship is just as interesting as Louis’ romance with Sheila Sazs (Rachel Harris).

“Without giving anything away, I think, like any relationship, it has its own independent dynamic,” the actor said of Louis’ new romantic pairing. “Sheila and Louis had a very ‘You-bring-the coconut-oil-and-ski-mask’dynamic; they had a ‘hit-me-harder’ dynamic. Louis and Tara have a different type of unique dynamic that I think is equally as interesting — just different.”

Which pairing do you like better, Louis and Tara or Louis and Shiela? Share your thoughts in the comments!

“Suits” Season 6, Episode 7, titled “Shake the Trees,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 24 at 9 p.m. on USA Network. Check out the trailer and synopsis for the episode below.

“Harvey [Gabriel Macht], Louis and Donna [Sarah Rafferty] search for a link to Sutter's [Alan Rosenberg] inside trading; Mike [Patrick J. Adams] goes to extremes to get Kevin on his side; and Rachel [Meghan Markle] and Jessica [Gina Torres] deliver bad news to Leonard Bailey [Glenn Plummer].”