No flip-flops and sunscreen needed for these trips. Summer 2015 is gearing up to be the biggest yet with these theatrical release dates. You opt to take a "Vacation" to "Jurassic World." You can join the "Minions" for some evil fun or become a "Spy" for the good guys. Viewers can go big with "Magic Mike XXL" or go small for "Ant-Man." There are so many choices coming soon to theaters.

Check out these 19 summer movie adventures headed your way:

1. “Aloha” – May 29

“Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say hello,” says the tag line of this early summer release. Well, say hello to Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone’s latest romantic drama from director Cameron Crowe.

2. “San Andreas” – May 29

Only the Rock can save us after a massive earthquake in 2015’s next big disaster movie.

3. “Entourage” – June 3

The boys are back to make the “Sex and the City” leap from the small screen to the silver one. Better bring your own group of friends.

4. “Spy” – June 5

Melissa McCarthy owns it in this latest collaboration with Paul Feig, director of "Bridesmaids" and the upcoming “Ghostbusters.”

5. “Jurassic World” – June 12

Yay! Let’s visit a theme park for our summer movie! Wait, what do they mean the dinosaurs escape, again?

6. “Inside Out” – June 19

A Pixar movie all about emotions? Bring tissues -- you know this is going to bring all the feels.

7. “Ted 2” – June 26

Mark Wahlberg reteams with his childhood friend, a foul-mouthed stuffed bear, to help him in his quest to procreate and wreak havoc on the city of Boston.

8. “Terminator Genisys” – July 1

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to his iconic role as the Terminator in this fifth installment. If the trailer is any indication, fans are going to enjoy references to the previous four.

9. “Magic Mike XXL” – July 1

“It’s getting hot in here.” So call over Channing Tatum for this steamy summer sequel about a welding male stripper.

10. “Minions” – July 10

The popular minions from the “Despicable Me” films now have their own stand-alone summer movie, which will fix the problem of not having enough minions in a movie.

11. “Ant-Man” – July 17

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And with "Ant-Man," starring Paul Rudd, we really do mean all sizes.

12. “Trainwreck” – July 17

Amy Schumer’s breakout film with Bill Hader thrilled audiences at SXSW and will break the summer doldrums into a hot mess.

13. “Pixels” – July 24

Come for the '80s nostalgia, stay for the idea that Pac-Man will gobble up San Francisco like Godzilla.

14. “Vacation” – July 29

Another summer movie trip to a theme park that doesn’t go as planned, but who could have predicted that Chris Hemsworth cameo?

15. “Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation” – July 31

Tom Cruise proves he still has the star power and upper body strength to hang off the side of flying airplanes. Nothing can keep him grounded this summer.

16. “Fantastic Four” – Aug. 7

The reboot of the series finds much younger stars in the new superhero suits facing off against a revamped Doctor Doom.

17. “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” – Aug. 14

The re-creation of the popular '60s TV show brings another spy to the screen. Hope it’s not getting too crowded in movie theaters.

18. “Straight Outta Compton” – Aug. 14

The highly anticipated biopic about the West Coast rap group N.W.A. finally arrives as summer starts to wind down.

19. “Masterminds” – Aug. 19

Zach Galifianakis will attempt to become a criminal mastermind, closing out the summer movie party.