Before the events of the "Despicable Me" series, Gru's minions served the biggest villains they could find for almost as long as the Earth existed. As the new movie trailer for "Minions" reveals, the adorable yellow helpers weren't always so successful. Illumination Entertainment/Universal

The Minions are back in their all-new self-titled movie. Fans will finally find out what the dastardly tiny yellow helpers were up before pledging to the evil mastermind Gru (Steve Carrell) in the “Despicable Me” series.

It turns out minions pre-date humans, but have been bumbling and fumbling evil geniuses since they washed up on earth’s shores. Before Gru, “Minions” takes us back to the time the group attempted to steal the crown from the Queen of England in the service of a formidable evil villainess, Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).

Here are four things you must see in the new trailer:

1. Minions Have Always Lived Among Us
Spanning history from the dawn of the dinosaurs to Dracula and Napoleon, the new trailer gives fans a healthy dose of minion history and possibly answers the question to the extinction of T-Rexes and vampires.

2. Minions Serve Whoever Is The Biggest Villain
Hope Gru holds down his evil secret lair and lab in "Despicable Me 3," because if the new trailer is any indication, the minions will move on from one big bad to the next. At least their adorable incompetence has also managed to evolve through the ages.

3. Baddie Sandra Bullock Revealed
About 42 years B.G. (before Gru), the minions went to work for a big bad named Scarlet Overkill. A stylish yet tough villain, she recruits the minions from a convention and hires them out for her next fiendish plan.

4. The Minions Take Over The Crown
Overkill’s mission for the minions is to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown. However, the movie’s trio of new minions, Kevin, Stuart and Bob, seem to have other plans in mind. At the 2:40 minute mark in the trailer, Bob declares himself King of England, complete with a mic drop and ditching the plan to return the crown to his boss. That’s when Overkill returns to overthrow the new minion monarchy. Hopefully, she keeps the corgis.

“Minions” will open in theaters July 10.