CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, one of the self-proclaimed kings of social media, is in hot water with Playboy after making disparaging remarks about the magazine's Super Bowl party.

Rovell took to Twitter Saturday to complain about the poor quality, in his eyes, of the women at the famous Super Bowl party.

Playboy not having gorgeous Playmates at its Super Bowl party does effect a brand that is already faltering #reality, Rovell tweeted.

Not surprisingly, Playboy bunny Jaime Edmondson wasn't happy with Rovell's comments. In fact, Edmondson says, Rovell made those comments after not being able to get a picture with the gorgeous Miss January 2010.

What really sparked the rude comment that @darrenrovell made (because I was there) is that when he asked to take a photo w/ me on the red carpet, the closest person to us was on the phone and advised they were unavailable because they were in the middle of handling an issue at VIP check in and to see if someone else could take it...he then said to me in a snotty fit Oh not even for my 175,000 Twitter followers and stormed away

If you've read Rovell's rules of Twitter or happen to follow him, you'll know that a line such as Oh not even for my 175,000 Twitter followers is absolutely in character.

Many took to Twitter to defend Edmondson and the rest of the Playboy bunnies, including Tampa Bay Rays slugger Evan Longoria, but Rovell has kept to his guns in believing that the alleged poor quality of women is a legitimate topic for a sports business reporter.

He went on to personally respond to Edmonson and said, why am I not allowed to comment on looks? That's what every single man who paid for that party came to see.

Rovell might want to add a new rule to his Twitter rules: Don't ever criticize a woman's looks, especially a Playboy bunny.