super ad
A woman walks in Washington, DC, on Jan. 29, 2015 past a preview of Budweiser's ad, which aired during the Super Bowl Feb. 1, 2015. Getty Images/Nicholas Kamma/AFP

The Patriots held an early lead in Super Bowl 49 before Seattle smashed into the end zone to tie the game late in the second quarter. But there was plenty of time for Tom Brady to -- oh, who cares?

Let’s talk about the brands that won the first half of the Super Bowl with their ads! These first-half leaders come from brands big and small. Some, like Budweiser's spot, benefited from early leaks. Others, like the Chevy Colorado spot, benefited from the element of surprise. All of them will be in the running for top ad of Super Bowl XLIX.

Budweiser -- “Lost Puppy”
The segment in a trilogy about an unlikely friendship between a puppy and one of the Budweiser Clydesdales wasn’t quite as cute as its 2014 predecessor, which won the USA Today Ad Meter competition, but it was good enough to pile up more than 15 million views before it even aired during the second quarter.

Chevy Colorado -- “4G LTE”
Any time you can make about 100 million people freak out at the same time, you know you’ve done something right. This ad gave people across America the thought that their cable had cut out.

Avocados from Mexico -- “#FirstDraftEver”
Avocados from Mexico will tell you this is the first time a vegetable grower has purchased Super Bowl airtime, and they took the opportunity to make this very silly spot. Bonus points to Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie for bashing a sloth for having character issues.