With 12 states and one territory participating, a huge chunk of the country will be out to cast their votes in Super Tuesday early contests March 1, but even the states on the sidelines will be eagerly anticipating the results of what will be a pivotal test of the 2016 election. Given different factors at play in the states, the times will vary for when the winnters of each of the caucuses and primaries will be announced.

When it comes to final results, there are several elements to consider in each state: whether the state is hosting a primary or caucus, and the time the polls are scheduled to close. The states that plan to hold caucuses will likely take longer to report the results, since the practice is more involved than the primaries. The primaries held generally reflect a more traditional means of voting. If there is a landslide in the state, it typically takes less time to report the results.

Caucuses are scheduled for Alaska, Colorado and Minnesota, and will likely be more time-consuming. Arkansas may be behind the pack, as far as primary states go, because its polls are open until 8:30 p.m. EST. While some contests will have already wrapped up, states such as Colorado and Texas will just be kicking off the caucus process, due to the time difference. The three states have scheduled 9 p.m. EST start times.

Here are when polls in each Super Tuesday state are slated to close:

7 p.m. EST: Georgia, Vermont, Virginia

8 p.m. EST: Alabama, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Tennessee

8:30 p.m. EST: Arkansas

9 p.m. EST: Texas, Colorado and Minnesota caucuses are scheduled to start.

Midnight EST: Alaska