Chyler Leigh
“Supergirl” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg teased how Alex (Chyler Leigh) will react to Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) close bond. Pictured: Leigh attends the 2015 CBS Upfront at The Tent at Lincoln Center on May 13, 2015 in New York City. Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

It looks like Alex (Chyler Leigh) won’t be that thrilled by Superman’s (Tyler Hoechlin) visit to National City.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “Supergirl” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed that Alex will have some problems with Superman’s familial bond with her adoptive sister Kara (Melissa Benoist).

Kreisberg explained that Superman’s visit will make him and Kara realize how similar they are with each other, and that will lead the Kryptonian cousins become closer to one another. While that’s definitely good for both of the alien refugees, it seems that their closeness will lead Alex to question her own relationship with Kara.

“Both of them have a bit of sadness about them,” Kreisberg said of Superman and Kara. “They both have that sense of feeling alone, they both have that sense of feeling different, and both of them remark that that loneliness, that alienation, that isolation goes away when they are together.”

The exec producer, however, noted that Alex will struggle over the pair’s connection.

While it seems that there’s going to be some jealousy in Alex’s part, Superman’s visit — at the end of the day — will only bring good to Kara.

In an interview with TVLine last month, Kreisberg said that if Season 1 was about Kara learning to be a hero, Season 2 is about Kara trying to merge her role as protector of National city and her role as an employee at CatCo Worldwide Media into one — and she’s going to get some pointers on that from Superman.

“She’s always felt like Clark [Superman’s alter ego] makes everything look so easy — he’s effortlessly Superman, and he’s effortlessly a great boyfriend, and effortlessly a great reporter,” Kreisberg said of how Kara sees her cousin. “And one of the things he admits to her is that none of this is easy. [Superman is like,] ‘I’m making it up as I go, and some days are better than others.’”

Deadline reported last June that Superman is only confirmed to appear in the first two episodes of Season 2, so it’s likely that that Alex’s struggle over Kara and Superman’s bond will be resolved before the Man of Steel leaves the city.

“Supergirl” Season 2 premieres on Monday, Oct. 10, at 8 p.m. on The CW.