Odette Annable as Samantha
The costume for “Supergirl’s” version of Reign (Odette Annable) is less revealing than the character’s getup in the comics. The CW

The CW has released a first-look photo of Odette Annable in her full costume as Reign.

But instead of the grotesque-looking biological weapon from the pages of DC Comics, the pictures reveals that “Supergirl’s” version of Reign looks more humanized. Clad in an all-black suit with armor and mask, Reign, aka Samantha, isn’t anything like an alien experiment designed for destruction as she is in the comics. Her costume is also less sexy than the character’s getup in the source material.

As of now, Samantha still has no idea that she’s a Worldkiller, a genetically engineered Kryptonian weapon used for destruction. The only clues she has that something is wrong are her superhuman strength she discovered when rescuing her daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay) in the season premiere, and her ominous dream about Kara's (Melissa Benoist) mother Alura Zor-El (Erica Durance).

“She has no idea that she is Reign; she has no idea that she was the baby in the pod at the end of last season,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg previously told Entertainment Weekly of Samantha. “So the journey that she takes this season is watching her realize her heritage and see how it manifests.”

“So many times on these [Arrowverse] shows, the Big Bad of the Year shows up at the end of episode 1 and goes, ‘Mwah-ha-ha!’ or they show up in the midseason finale and say, ‘I’ve been pulling the strings all along!’” Kreisberg told TVLine at the beginning of Season 3. “We’ve never watched someone become the villain. That to me is the most exciting thing [about Reign]… and it’s all going to come to a head.”

Now that her costume has been revealed, one of the few mysteries left surrounding Reign is her superpowers. Given Reign’s Kryptonian heritage, some fans might have assumed that she has the same set of powers as Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). But Kreisberg revealed to Comic Book Resources earlier this month that viewers “will definitely see some surprises” in that matter. “Hopefully, it’s not straight up what people are expecting, as always. We’ve got a couple of really nice twists and turns,” the exec producer teased.

While Reign’s powers have yet to be revealed, Kreisberg previously told TVLine that Reign “will be more than a physical match for Supergirl.”

“Supergirl” Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.