The family of 20 year-old Ruslana Korshunova, the supermodel who died on Saturday after falling from her ninth floor apartment in New York City, identified her body on Monday, according to the Medical Examiner Officer's spokeswoman Megan Cuccia.

Korshunova's family, originally from Kazakhstan, arrived to New York City today to inspect the body. The young model's death has caused a stir and reactions have only increased after the Medical Examiner ruled it was a suicide on Sunday.

The brother of Korshunova, Ruslan, said in a telephone interview he was heartbroken and not convinced that her sister's death was a suicide, the New York Daily News reported on Monday.

Korshunova's boyfriend Mark Kaminsky, 32, was shocked and said he didn't have idea why she died. She was doing good and she was happy with being one of the top models, he told the Daily News.

The police said no suicide note was found and the Medical Examiner didn't provide further evidence that her death was a suicide over the phone to the International Business Times on Monday.

So far, notes from her blog have been translated from Russian quoting the model saying I'm so lost, will I ever find myself? Other quotes reflect her emotions related to her personal relationships.

The Daily News reported a friend of hers said Korshunova hated her hectic life and was depressed of not longer been a new girl and was willing to get out of the modeling business.

Korshunova suffered from blunt impact injuries resulting from the fall, Medical Examiner's spokeswoman said.

The fashion model was known for her long hair and green eyes. She appeared in magazine covers of Elle and Vogue and in advertisements for DKNY, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, among others.