Emily Swallow might have played a self-confident, do-gooder during her stint on “The Mentalist,” but now the 35-year-old actress is taking a dark turn for her recurring role on the hit CW series “Supernatural.” That’s right, Swallow is joining the “Supernatural” family. And according to the actress, fans have been super supportive of her recent casting.

“Yowza! Thanks for the warm welcome, #SPNFamily! Very excited to dive in,” she stated on Twitter.

According to TVLine, the actress, who also starred on “Ringer” and “Southland,” will portray Amara, a “femme fatale who is seductive and sinister.” Sounds like the Winchester brothers will have met their match with yet another strong and dominant female.

But we wonder -- should fans refrain from getting too attached to Amara considering “Supernatural” has become rather notorious for killing off adored female characters? During the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con, an audience member called the show’s executive producer Jeremy Carver out for that very same issue after the series decided to have the fan favorite character Charlie (Felicia Day) murdered in Season 10 of “Supernatural."

“Considering that women have too often been used to further the plot of male characters, why was the decision made to kill Charlie and dump her in a bathtub?” a Comic-Con attendee questioned.

However, the EP couldn’t exactly answer the inquiry. After stammering for a few minutes about how Charlie was a beloved character on the show and that sometimes the writer’s have to “go where the story takes us,” the showrunner concluded with: “…This is the worst day of my life.”

Could the Comic-Con discussion have pushed Carver to cast a recurring female role following Charlie’s death? Do you think Swallow will stick around during the show’s eleventh season to help the Winchester’s take on The Darkness?

Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in to Season 11 of “Supernatural” when The CW series returns Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 9 p.m. EDT.