"Supernatural" Season 11 Spoilers
Sam (Jared Padalecki, left) and Dean (Jensen Ackles, right) will attempt to take down Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino, who is not pictured) once again during the Season 11 winter premiere of “Supernatural.” The CW

Buckle up, “Supernatural” fans, because we’re going on a road trip — to hell. When the hit CW series returns with its midseason premiere Wednesday, viewers will make their way deep down into the depths of the underworld to see just what Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) plans to do with his prisoner.

When “Supernatural” left off with its fall finale, fans watched as Sam (Jared Padalecki) learned the terrifying truth about his visions. It wasn’t God sending Sam those apparitions on how to defeat The Darkness, but the devil himself attempting to lure Sam down below.

So, what exactly are Lucifer’s motives for trapping Sam inside the very same cage in which he’s been imprisoned? Well, in a promotional video of the next episode, titled “The Devil in the Details,” it was revealed to audiences that Lucifer sees Sam as his way out.

“So what ... I just disappear while you take my body and set loose on the world again?” Sam asks Lucifer, who responds with a simple smile and nod.

But there’s no way Dean (Jensen Ackles) will let Lucifer use his younger bro as a vessel.

“Dean is fighting furiously to figure out a way to save his brother,” the show’s executive producer Jeremy Carver explains in the trailer, proving Dean’s plate will be pretty full come episode 10.

The eldest Winchester is not only tasked with saving Sam but also responsible for putting an end to Amara (Emily Swallow), the ancient, soul-sucking entity wreaking havoc on the world.

When episode 9 ended, fans watched with wide eyes as the angels attempted to smite Amara. But considering The Darkness is a wicked strong force (emphasis on wicked), we have a feeling she may have survived the heavenly blast.

“If [the smite] did work and she is dead, bring her body out,” Dean instructs Castiel (Misha Collins) in the promo video.

“And if she’s not?” he asks.

“Run,” Dean warns.

Fans will watch Dean go toe-to-toe with the devil and The Darkness when “Supernatural” returns with its Season 11 winter premiere on the CW Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 9 p.m. EST.