• "Supernatural" Season 15, episode 14 release date will be in the fall
  • Production may resume by late spring
  • Filming of the last two episodes remains

The coronavirus pandemic has forced The CW Network to push the release dates of all its shows to 2021, but “Supernatural” Season 15, episode 14 will be airing this year. Most of the filming of the last season of the show has been completed and the TV series should air in the fall after the postproduction work is completed.

THE CW recently announced major changes to the release dates of the TV shows that were supposed to air in the fall, Entertainment Weekly reported. The changes were made because production has been stopped after the lockdown.

Speaking with the media about the issue, CEO Mark Pedowitz explained that their strategy is to give the producers of the show enough time to resume production in a safe manner. The company is still working on its guidelines and strategies after the pandemic. As far as the original scripted series from the studio are concerned, Pedowitz said that they don’t have an exact date for the production to resume.

As far as “Supernatural” Season 15 is concerned, there are still seven more episodes left to air. Filming of five of these episodes has already been completed, but the postproduction work remains. The producers will need to film the last 2 episodes after the lockdown ends, Deadline reported.

According to Pedowitz, filming of the last 2 episodes should begin by late summer or early fall. While the production schedule will depend on how quickly the pandemic is controlled, the CEO said that they are going to be flexible when it comes to the schedule.

Pedowitz wants to end the long running fantasy drama series quickly, but at the same time he and the producers of the show want the show to end “the right way.” The CEO wants the filming of the last two episodes to happen the way the cast and crew want them to happen, and the network is prepared to wait to make it work.

If everything goes according to plan, “Supernatural” Season 15, episode 14 should be released in the fall. Meanwhile the fans can stream all the previous episodes for free online.

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