Dina (Lauren Ash) will share a scene with guest star Howie Mandel In “Superstore” Season 3, episode 1. NBC

“Superstore” Season 3, episode 1 will feature “America’s Got Talent” judge Howie Mandel.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mandel will play himself in the Sept. 28 episode of the NBC series. In the installment, the employees of Cloud 9 are rushing to get the store ready after it was hit by a massive tornado in the finale episode for Season 2. As of late, it is only Dina (Lauren Ash) who has a confirmed scene with Mandel. A photo of the two talking to each other inside Cloud 9 was recently released by NBC.

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Elsewhere in the episode, Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) will struggle to return to normalcy after they secretly kissed. Additionally, Mateo (Nico Santos) obsesses over the voicemail he left for Jeff (Michael Bunin) in the finale.

Last month, TV Line’s entertainment writer Michael Ausiello confirmed that a new character named Scott will be introduced in “Superstore” Season 3. “I’m hearing that Mateo will become smitten with a handsome construction worker named Scott who’s helping to put Cloud 9 back together after last season’s finale-worthy storm. As for how this will affect Mateo’s relationship with Jeff – don’t forget about the L-bomb he dropped in that voicemail! – only time will tell,” he teased.

Meanwhile, “Superstore” executive producer Justin Spitzer also dished on Amy and Jonah’s relationship in Season 3. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight in May, Spitzer admitted that he did not initially want the two characters to kiss each other. “I just wanted that moment when Amy then decides to go back to her family at the end to have some real resonance, and it felt like there needed to be something significant as a kiss to make that feel important,” he said.

In other news, “Superstore” Season 3 may introduce more guest stars aside from Mandel. Spitzer previously told Deadline that he wants Patton Oswalt and Fred Armisen to appear in at least one episode. “So there’s great actors out there and we’d love to have them,” he said.

As of late, it is still unclear whether or not Oswalt and Armisen have signed on for a guest-starring role.

“Superstore” Season 3 will premiere on NBC on Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. EST.