A dramatic video showing a man in a raingear attacking a mother and her daughter down the hallway of a residential building as they try to enter their apartment is doing the rounds on social media.

In the surveillance footage, the woman is seen looking up at the security camera as she opens the door lock of her apartment. Her daughter is standing right behind her. All of a sudden, a man wearing a red raincoat appears and violently pulls the woman inside as she unsuccessfully tries to resist him. In a matter of seconds, the man reappears and pulls the young girl inside as she screams for help. He then slams the door shut as the sound of people screaming can be heard from inside the apartment.

The horrific incident reportedly happened in China on July 6 evening, according to What's On Weibo.

The video surfaced on the internet on July 11, sparking concerns among internet users across the world.

The video can be disturbing to some viewers.

At first, internet users speculated that the video originated in Guangning County of China's Guangdong province. However, local authorities in Guangdong confirmed the incident wasn't linked to the area.

Some hawk-eyed internet users examined the phone numbers written on the walls of the hallway and suggested it might have happened in Laiyang city in the Shandong province.

On July 12, police confirmed the incident had indeed happened in Shandong. They said the woman, identified only by her surname Jiang, approached them on July 7 and that the duo wasn't in any serious condition, China Daily reported.

The man seen in the video was reportedly Jiang's ex-husband, Zhang. The couple got divorced in June. On the day of the incident, Zhang sneaked into the building where Jiang lived and hid near the stairs. After dragging Jiang inside, he asked her to remarry him. The woman alleged that her ex-husband also raped her when their daughter was sleeping. He was later taken into custody.

However, it's still unclear how the footage of the incident has surfaced online.

Man sneaks into ex-wife's apartment, rapes her after she divorced him Pixabay