Stephen Fishbach (right) engineered a plan to eliminate Kelly Wigglesworth (left) in episode 9 of "Survivor: Second Chance." CBS

Almost every week at tribal council on "Survivor: Second Chance" the more vocal members of the slowly-getting-picked-off minority -- namely Ciera and Kelley -- have been entreating the rest of the castaways to "make a big move" instead of blindly going along with the game's elite power players. Well, after Kelley's hidden immunity idol stunt, that big move was on the way in episode 9.


The tribe is spilt after the challenge with the majority alliance suddenly very nervous while Kelley, Ciera, and Abi are absolutely giddy about tribal council's twist. Stephen dubbed the trio the witches in reference to them constantly brewing new schemes to stay in the game. However, he tells the cameras he would be more than happy to work with them to make a big move to shake up the game.

The paranoia is getting to everyone and a mass search for the new hidden immunity idol begins. Even Jeremy is determined to find it and he already has n idol! Kelley, seeing the power players in the game all scrambling, is confident she can take advantage of the seams in their clearly fragile alliance.

Reward Challenge

In the reward challenge, the tribe is dived into two teams -- the red team of Joe, Tasha, Ciera, Stephen and Spencer vs. the green team of Kelly, Kelley, Kieth, Jeremy, and Kimmi with Abi sitting out -- who have construct a staircase of wood poles before traversing a maze, working a key through another rope maze, and solving a puzzle with pieces in a locked chest. On the line is a trip to the "Survivor" Spa, complete with showers, a massage, and, of course, food. The red team takes a commanding lead and reach the puzzle before the green team even finishes their staircase. That lead proves insurmountable as Spencer solves the puzzle for the red team and they win reward by a mile. Keith spits in disgust -- You know he wanted that spa day!

Spa Day!

As the winning castaways enjoy their spa lunch, Ciera not-so-subtly brings up strategy and makes it very clear she would be a willing participant in anyone's plan should they decide to "start playing."

Meanwhile, back at camp, Jeremy may have lost out on the spa trip but he might emerge as the real winner of the day. He takes the opportunity to search for the hidden immunity idol while halt the tribe is gone and under the tree mail tree he spots the clue! It instructs him to follow a path along the edge of the beach after dark to a lit area with the idol. He has to exercise some real patience when the newly-energized reward winners return to camp and make it a late night at the fire. However, he eventually sprints off and finds the idol hanging from a torch.

When he finds it he bursts into tears. He says he is playing for his wife and the idol will help him get closer to making their lives a little easier -- awww!

Immunity Challenge

In the episode's individual immunity challenge, the castaways must balance on a wedge-shaped platform with their feet on narrow grooves, which then get all wet when a rain storm shows up to complicate things.

As if that was not hard enough, host Jeff Probst announces there will be another wrinkle and presents the players with a sudden, surprise choice. Jeff cuts lose buoys for every castaway and the first player to jump into the water, swim to, and touch their buoy would win an advantage in the game. Only Stephen and Spencer take the bait and Stephen wins the advantage by a millisecond.

The castaways of "Survivor: Second Chance" compete for immunity in episode 9. CBS

Back in actual challenge, one by one castaways fall off into the water. When time elapses in the first round and the castaways have to move to the top of the wedge, everyone falls except Joe, Kelly, Abi and Keith. When they are then forced onto one foot, it becomes a one on one contest between Joe and Abi. In another challenge where Joe looked shaky the whole way through, but won anyway. Abi looked like a statue for the longest time, but in the end, Joe outlasted her to remain unbeaten this season in individual immunity challenges.

Tribal Council

After the immunity challenge, the majority alliance decides to split their eight votes, giving five to Kelley and three to Ciera.

However, Stephen, emboldened by his advantage -- at some point in the game he can steal the vote of another player at tribal council -- wants to make the mythical "big move" everyone has been talking about for weeks. He chooses Kelly as his target, whom he believes is a little too close to Joe and on dangerously good terms with too many players. He approaches the "witches" and all three of them are in -- they will vote for anyone to save their own skins. So, he approaches Jeremy and Spencer. They have reservations about effectively blind siding four members of their own alliance, but Stephen argues that this is not a game of long term alliances, but one of "voting blocks." He says they are not on the top of their alliance and need to shake things up.

They seem to agree. At tribal council, Kelly becomes the ninth person voted out of "Survivor: Second Chance," the tenth person out of the game, and the third member of the jury.