• Tyron Johnson was arrested in his home by U.S. Marshals in Nashville, Tennessee, in a shooting outside a biker club in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Authorities said they found 17 guns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, two sets of body armor, and gang clothing at Johnson's home
  • He is the second suspect arrested in the shooting that left two people dead and two others wounded

Alabama police said a second suspect was in custody Friday in a double homicide, and officers had confiscated a weapons cache in the man’s home.

Tyron Johnson, 37, was arrested Thursday by a U.S. Marshal’s task force at his home in Nashville, Tennessee. He was charged with two counts of murder for a shooting outside a biker club Huntsville, Alabama, on March 27. Johnson was in possession of 17 guns, 2 suits of body armor, thousands of rounds of ammunition and gang clothing, police said.

Bail was set at $500,000. He was to be extradited to Alabama in the coming days.

Police said they were called around 11:30 p.m. March 27 after multiple gunshots allegedly were fired outside the biker club. Four victims were found outside the club with gunshot wounds, two of whom were declared dead at the scene. While the surviving victims names weren’t released, police identified the other two victims as Bernard Griffin, 53, and Kelcey Smith, 45.

Huntsville police Chief Mark McMurray said the shooting was suspected to have involved two local biker groups.

The first suspect identified in the case was Albert Vinson, 31, who was arrested in Madison, Alabama, on April 16 on two counts of murder, one count of discharging a firearm, and one count of assault. Bail was set at $165,000, and he has remained in custody at Madison County Jail.

Vinson and Johnson could be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty of murder.

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