It’s never a dull day on Reddit.

A boot manufacturer recalled one of its products following the discovery by a Reddit user that its imprint leaves swastika marks. The user, who goes by the name FRSHFSHFCKR, posted a photo Monday to Reddit with the caption, “There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots…”

The company that sells the boot, City of Industry’s Conal International Trading Inc., said it would recall the item "immediately" following complaints. The shoe is listed on Amazon as “Military Combat Work Desert Ankle Boot.”

6RR0jLTg A shoe was recalled by its retailer after a Reddit user posted a photo that the boot left swastika-symbol imprints. Photo: (Reddit/FRSHFSHFCKR)

The company sent International Business Times a statement apologizing about the boots on Thursday:

“We would like to issue a public apology to our customers and to anyone who was offended by an imprint one of our boots left behind. This was in no way intentional, it was an obvious mistake made by our manufactures in China,” the statement read. “We never intended to have any swastikas design on our shoes.”

The statement continued: “We will not be selling any of our boots with the misprint to anyone. We would never create a design to promote hate. We don’t promote hate at our company.”

Multiple retailers were in hot water in the past about selling clothing that appeared anti-Semitic. Zara faced criticism in 2014 after one of their products, called “striped ‘sheriff’ t-shirt,” closely resembled striped clothing with yellow star badges that Jewish people had to wear during the Holocaust. In a separate incident, the company sold a handbag in 2007 that appeared to display green swastikas. Both items were withdrawn from stores following complaints.

H&M experienced a similar incident when it had to take an undershirt off shelves because the article of clothing featured a Star of David overlapping a skull.

“Please accept our most sincere apologies that this has caused offense,” an H&M spokesperson said in regard to the incident back in 2014. “We understand the criticism and in response to this have decided to remove the T-shirt from all stores with immediate effect.”