Switched at Birth
On “Switched at Birth” Season 5, episode 10, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) reflects on meeting the Kennish family. Freeform

After years of getting to know each other, Daphne and Bay will reflect on important moments in their lives and look towards the future in “Switched at Birth” Season 5, episode 10.

“In the series finale, Kathryn (Lea Thompson) realizes it has been five years since the switch was discovered and uncovers a long-buried family secret,” the synopsis for “Long Live Love” teases.

In the promo for “Switched at Birth” Season 5, episode 10, Regina (Constance Marie) is seen talking to Kathryn telling her it’s been five years since they found out about the switch.

Elsewhere, Daphne (Katie Leclerc) is seen confronting Kathryn about being nervous when they first met because Daphne was deaf. Kathryn emotionally asks Daphne about how their lives would be if they never met.

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“Meanwhile, Daphne competes against Mingo (Adam Hagenbuch) for a paid internship,” the “Long Live Love” synopsis says. Although Mingo is not in the promo, it is known that Daphne holds slight animosity towards her ex-boyfriend after he ended their relationship. Could winning the internship be her way of getting back at him for breaking up with her?

“Bay (Vanessa Marano)is celebrated for her tattoo work in a magazine,” the synopsis for the Freeform series continues. In the promo, the members of the Kennish family can be seen attending a big party, most likely in celebration of Bay’s latest achievement.

“Toby (Lucas Grabeel) meets a young woman with Down syndrome,” the synopsis says. Although Toby is not featured in the promo, he has recently begun educating himself about people with down syndrome because of his son. Will this young woman help Toby get a better understanding of what his baby boy is going through?

“Melody (Marlee Matlin), Emmett (Sean Berdy) and Travis (Ryan Lane) make major decisions about their lives,” the synopsis teases. It’s no secret that Emmett has had a hard time but now that he is getting treatment for his depression how will he and his family move forward?

Let’s not forget that Travis was offered a professional baseball job in Japan. Will he leave his family behind and end his relationship with Bay or does he have something else in mind?

“Regina takes a chance on love,” the synopsis concludes. Last viewers saw of Regina, her ex-boyfriend Eric (Terrell Tilford) asked her to run away with him but she declined. Will she have a change of heart or will she stay with Luca (Michael Galante)?

The “Switched at Birth” Season 5 finale airs Tuesday, April 11, at 9:01 p.m. EDT on Freeform.