There are tons of ways to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in New York City. Photo: Getty

Monday marks Talk Like a Pirate Day! First celebrated back in 1995, the parody holiday encourages people to dress up and talk like the men who once roamed the seas and committed acts of robbery and violence on the open water. Alleged to have frequently used the words “shiver me timbers,” “ahoy matey,” “arrrrrrr” and more, this is the day you mimic those men and intentionally use bad grammar, make weird grunts and slur your words.

There are tons of ways to celebrate this fun day. Below are four ways to have a blast on Talk Like a Pirate Day in New York City.

1. Free doughnuts

How dedicated are you to getting a glazed doughnut? On Talk Like a Pirate Day, all you will need to do is speak like a pirate and you can get a free original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme. If you are someone who doesn’t mind a few stares, coming into the establishment dressed up like a pirate will get you a dozen free original glazed doughnuts. To qualify for the the dozen, you must wear three of the following items: a pirate hat, eye patch, bandana, costume hook pirate shirt, peg leg, parrot and knickers.

2. Drink at a pirate bar.

Make your way over to Fishtales Pirate Bar for a day of drinking fun in the nautical environment. Drinks range anywhere from beers to sweet sangria and themed concoctions. Don’t forget to order something to eat. The bar has a diverse seafood menu. Fishtales Pirate Bar is located at 38-14 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11103.

3. Visit the Aquarium

If you are looking for a more laid-back way to celebrate the holiday, head on over to the New York Aquarium. While there, you can view the many residents of the sea without having to get on a boat and risk water splashing in your face.