John Bravery has been identified after turning eighteen today as the accused who threw a six-year-old child from the tenth floor of London’s Tate Modern Museum.

Bravery was not identified before because of a reporting ban imposed by the courts. However, judge Nicholas Hilliard QC at the Old Bailey ruled it could be lifted after he turned 18.

The accused lived in the Parsons Green area of West London and has been charged with the attempted murder of a French boy. He allegedly grabbed the six-year-old boy and threw him off the viewing gallery of the London museum.

He was initially charged on August 5 but is expected to appear in court for the trial in February. No further details concerning the hearing can be disclosed. Similarly, the victim could not be named because of his age.

The boy fell five stories which are around 100 feet before he landed on a fifth-floor roof of the gallery. He was subsequently airlifted to the hospital.

Bravery was apprehended soon afterward by members of the public who witnessed the heinous crime.

The French six-year-old had been visiting the Tate Modern gallery with his family who were on holiday at the time.

He suffered from a fractured spine, arms, and legs as well as, a brain hemorrhage. His family claimed he struggles to understand why he is not able to move or even swallow.

They did add the child keeps smiling and making progress, so they are trying to be strong as well despite the circumstances.

In an update, the boy’s family described him as a great fighter and that he had been able to laugh since the incident. He has also started moving his tongue, right arm and hand.

Thus far, he has undergone two long, complicated surgeries, according to his parents. He has been struggling with all of his strength to recover.

The family, baffled why the perpetrator did what he did to their child, chose not to comment about Bravery to media outlets.

An update on a GoFundMe page which has raised nearly 100,000 pounds for the boy’s medical care stated they see the efforts and believe with all their hearts they are going to find a way for the boy to be able to do everything he could before.

The Tate Modern gallery happened to be the United Kingdom’s most popular tourist attraction in 2018 when it got almost 6 million visits according to the association of leading visitor attractions.

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