Taylor Swift has given her stamp of approval for Niall Horan and Fletcher’s cover of “Lover.”

Horan and Fletcher, the artist known for her single "Undrunk," covered Swift’s song for a Spotify Singles session that was released Wednesday, according to NYLON. Spotify Singles are live recordings from small sessions where artists cover popular songs they enjoy.

Swift acknowledged her appreciation for their duet via her Instagram story.

“This is absolutely stunning,” she wrote. “Love you guys.”

The song begins with an almost soft rock style, with Horan taking the lead and Fletcher joining in on the second verse. Horan said there was no question for him about what song he wanted to sing for the Spotify Singles session.

“‘Lover' is one of my favorite songs I've heard in a long time and Taylor is a good friend,” Horan said. “Let's hope she likes it.”

“Lover” is Swift’s titular track from her latest album “Lover,” released in August 2019. Now, nearly eight months later, Swift’s longtime friend and former One Direction band member paid tribute to her Grammy-nominated track. Swift even included the clapping Taylor Swift gif in her appreciation post.

She and Horan have been friends since Horan was still a member of One Direction, with dating rumors circulating at one point when Horan was spotted at Swift’s concert in London in 2014, according to E! Online. A representative at the time confirmed, “he is just a fan of her music.”

Swift then brought Horan out to perform his song “Slow Hands” with her as a duet in 2018 during her “Reputation” album tour in London.

While Swift’s relationship with Fletcher may not be as succinct, Horan and Fletcher are both signed to Capitol Records and Fletcher will perform as one of his opening acts during his “Nice To Meet Ya Tour,” which kicks off April 20, according to Rolling Stone.

Taylor Swift is back with a new album celebrating love
Taylor Swift is back with a new album celebrating love AFP / Jean-Baptiste LACROIX