Taylor Swift’s newest album, "Reputation" has been released on iTunes and has opened up to a phenomenal response. Over 800,000 fans tried to download the album within 6 minutes of its release not just catapulting it to number one position on the iTunes app store but also causing iTunes to crash.

The fact that users aren’t able to get their hands on the album has got them ranting on Twitter as well as making fun of the situation.

Some users have also suggested solutions if you cannot download the album. In case, you cannot download the album, chances are that force closing the app and opening it again will let you make the purchase, according to Taylor Swift Philippines.

According to han loves Taylor, users who have pre-ordered the album, but can’t download it, can use the following solution:

  • Navigate to iTunes
  • Click on Music
  • Scroll to Taylor Swift
  • Click on "Reputation" and then, click on the download sign

This might enable users to download the album.

Chances are that this album becomes the singer’s highest selling album ever. The album is creating such a demand on iTunes because it is actually tough for a user to get his/her hands on it as it can only be purchased on iTunes or as a hard copy disk. The only additional way to access the album is to get it for free on iHeart Radio, both on its app as well as on actual radio sets. The album was launched on iHeart Radio at 12 a.m. EST on Friday and since then, the app and the radio station have been playing one new song from the album per hour, which will go on right until 8 p.m. EST Friday.

"Reputation" has been called the singer’s darkest album till date. According to USA Today, it chronicles the most turbulent year of her life consisting of relationship issues and her public spat with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, after which he disappeared from public life.

She has also written songs about her new relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, which she has been protecting from paparazzi. Details about the relationship were published for the first time only on Sunday. Alwyn’s blue eyes are seemingly the recurring motif in "Reputation" which has songs such as "Ready for it" and "End Game."

The album has also been called a coming-of-age album for the singer who turns 28 next month. She confronts her fears of abandonment in songs such as "Dancing with our hands tied" as well as expresses her sexuality as a mature adult in songs such as "Dress."

The album contains more songs centered around sex than any of her previous albums.