A former Florida teacher had sex with a student at his home while his baby was sleeping nearby, an arrest warrant from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office stated.

Aaron Zuniga, a Jacksonville private school teacher, was fired from his job March 21 for having inappropriate relationship with a high school student. He was arrested the following day and charged with “unlawful sexual activity with a minor.”

In a statement to Action News Jax, the Trinity Christian Academy said, "On Tuesday, in keeping with legal and our own internal reporting guidelines, TCA reported an inappropriate relationship between a high school teacher and high school student to our local law enforcement. In addition to the reporting, we have terminated the employment of the teacher. We are deeply saddened by this situation, because it is so far removed from the standards and values to which we hold our faculty and embrace as a school. We are committed to offering care and support for the student and all families impacted."

According to a copy of the arrested warrant released Wednesday, police was notified March 19 after Zuniga, 28, informed David Welling, head of the school, about having a sexual encounter with an unnamed student. He also said the student would not tell anybody about it as she "did not want to ruin her school career.”

During police interrogation, Zuniga said he had an "emotional relationship" with the girl and that he had “physical contact.” However, when asked to explain the physical contact, Zuniga asked for a lawyer, Boston 25 News reported.

The student initially denied having a physical relationship with Zuniga, however, she later admitted that "she and the suspect flirted in person and via Snapchat text messages." She also told police Zuniga invited her over to his home to babysit his 10-month-old baby. When she reached the home, he put the baby down for a nap nearby and while the child was sleeping, they engaged in a sexual activity. She also added that the encounter was consensual and that it happened only once.

A former Florida teacher had sex with a student at his home while his baby was sleeping nearby. In this image, a man stands in handcuffs waiting to be processed in Miami, Florida, June 4, 2007. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Parents and students were shocked by the accusations and said the school did the right thing by firing him.

“I think that person shouldn’t have been working at Trinity in the first place but, unfortunately, you never know who you’re hiring and what their intentions are. I think it’s on the person personally and I think the school took appropriate action by firing him. It’s inappropriate. I don’t think it should happen anywhere. Unfortunately it’s the world we live in. There are messed up people in the world that have different morals than what are right,” said Johnathan Riffle, a former student.

Zuniga’s colleagues said he was a popular teacher.

“He has such a good reputation from everywhere at this school. Everybody knew who he was, he has such a high energy,” said James Baltz, a colleague.

Zuniga was held at Duval County jail on a $200,000 bond and was due in court April 15.