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Remington Heritage HF90002

Top 3 Wet and Dry Travel Shavers in 2020: Philips, Braun and Remington

Shavers are a gadget all business men need when travelling away from home. While many may be content with a throw away razor, I've gone ahead and tried three electric shavers from the three top shaver manufacturers that have managed to make the unexciting task of shaving electrifying.
The NordePack on the move

Backpack Review: The Convertible NordePack

There are plenty of half-hearted attempts at making convertible backpacks that can go from backpacks to messenger bags, but NordePack is making a solid attempt with some innovative ways to change the form factor of a bag thoroughly.
SpyFinder Pro

SpyFinder Pro Review: Spying out Spy Cameras

Just search for 'hidden cameras' on Amazon and you will immediately find a market segment that you might not have given much thought about. But it's a real modern day problem; cameras can now be embedded in everything from mobile chargers, wall outlets, cloths hooks, alarm clocks and even light bulbs.
AER Travel Pack 2

best business backpack : AER Travel pack 2 review

Just as the best camera is the one that's with you, the best gadget while traveling is the one most accessible to you, and the backpack you carry is then the crucial tool that provides that accessibility. But not all backpacks are created equal, and the AER Travel Pack 2 stands out in its own way with well thought-out features across the whole backpack, aiming to provide the best accessibility and protection to the gadgets within.
Jabra 65e earbuds hands on

Jabra Evolve 65e Review: A case for wires on your wireless earphones

In the pursuit for fully wireless earbuds, Jabra 65e is making the case for keeping some of the wires. After spending considerable time with the 65e, my conclusion is that these headphones are a compelling case for just that, filling a gap that wireless earbuds can't fill while retaining many of the same conveniences.
FiiO Q5s

FiiO Q5s Review: Sound on another Level

It doesn't take an audiophile to enjoy good music. As I found out from reviewing the FiiO Q5s, it doesn't even take audiophile level headphones to reproduce good music - but having a good DAC/Amp alone might be enough. In the case of the Q5s, it can even mean doing so without being near a wall socket.
Nuraphone in the studio

Nuraphone Review: Not just one among many

It is not easy to call any headphone experience unique these days. Even though there is more diversity in headphone choices than ever, generally headphones only vary from their competitors in minor ways, and almost all have the same experience. But same cannot be said about the Nuraphone.

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