• Microsoft has a habt of releasing a black and white color variants of its gaming consoles
  • Fans think the company would soon release a white Xbox Series X
  • A new commercial may have hinted at the rumored white Xbox Series X

A new Logitech advertisement is gaining traction online as gamers and fans alike speculate it could be hinting at the imminent release of a white Xbox Series X.

Computer peripherals and software company Logitech showcased its Astro A30 wireless headset on Thursday in a video. But, while the company intended the video to show off its new product, what caught people's attention is the one in the background, a white Xbox Series X console.

This sparked speculation that the video was teasing a new color variant of the new-generation Xbox gaming console. Some even said the variant could be on its way to commercial release, which is understandable since Microsoft's console is only available in black color variant outside special editions since its launch.

Gaming keyboards for Xbox One gives you a different gaming experience. Pexels

However, Microsoft immediately burst the fans' bubble and denied that it would release a white Xbox Series X. "The white Xbox Series X console for the promotional video by our partner is not in production. We have no plans to release the Xbox Series X console in white at this time," a Microsoft spokesperson told VGC.

"In our promotional video for the new A30, we skinned an Xbox as a part of the creative in the video," a Logitech spokesperson said in an email to CNET on Friday. "This is not a new, unannounced product. We apologize for the inconvenience we may have caused," the spokesperson added.

Fans' excitement surrounding the release of a white Xbox Series X is understandable since Microsoft has a history of releasing black and white variants of its gaming consoles over the years. It is worth noting that the original Xbox was released in black, but the company eventually rolled out its white counterpart.

The Xbox 360 saw the same fate and while it initially launched in a white color variant, its S and Elite versions were released in Black color variants. The Xbox One was also rolled out in black, but Microsoft eventually released a white Xbox One.

While not related to the rumored white Xbox Series X gaming console, Microsoft announced earlier this week the launch of the Elite Wireless controller alongside the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2-Core and guess their color variant; yep, it is white.