Monkeys have been wreaking havoc on a daily basis in the northern Indian states. In the latest incident, a pack of monkeys chased a girl following which she fell off the roof and died. The incident took place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday.

The unidentified 13-year-old girl was collecting clothes she had left out to dry on the roof of her home when the unfortunate incident took place.

A pack of monkeys began chasing the girl and in order to escape, the teen ran and ended up falling off the roof, local news television CNN News 18 reported.

Nearby residents heard a loud bang and rushed to the scene to find the Grade 8 student lying in a pool of blood. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital in a critical condition where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

The body of the girl will be handed over to the family following an autopsy.

The incident comes months after a monkey attacked a lab technician and stole COVID patients’ blood samples from a hospital in Uttar Pradesh, prompting fear among the locals that they could have spread the deadly virus.

Luckily, the vials containing the samples were found intact and authorities confirmed there was no risk of contamination.

Meanwhile, a video showed the monkey sitting atop a tree in the hospital premises and chewing a white packet that allegedly contained the blood samples.

In another incident in the same state last year, an infant died after a stone dropped by a monkey fell on him.

The primate was on the roof and the four-month-old baby was on the ground floor with his parents when the monkey picked up a stone and accidentally dropped it on the infant. The boy was rushed to a local hospital in serious condition where he succumbed to injuries.

A monkey lifts a cloth drying outside a temple in New Delhi, India, on Nov. 16, 2017. Getty Images/Sajjad Hussain