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  • The two first communicated through OnlyFans but later kept in touch through text and video calls
  • The teen said in his testimony that they talked about meeting up and having intercourse
  • The victim said that she never really wanted to meet him and that he was very pushy

A 19-year-old was found guilty of several charges in New Hampshire Tuesday after he hid in the attic of a woman he only met on OnlyFans.

The teen, identified as Mauricio Guerrero, was found guilty of two of four counts of burglary, along with criminal trespass and invasion of privacy, WMUR 9 reported.

Guerrero became obsessed with the social media personality, whose name was not disclosed, and began tracking her every move. He was accused of making copies of her keys to gain access to her home in Somersworth, New Hampshire.

He hid in the 24-year-old woman's attic at least four times and waited until she was fast asleep to film her, including her private areas.

Investigators said they uncovered private and sensitive clips on Guerrero's phone that he had taken of the woman as she slept naked, which led to his invasion of privacy conviction.

In his testimony, Guerrero told jurors that he thought he and the victim were in a relationship and that she "wanted to be stalked," per WMUR.

The two communicated at first through OnlyFans, where he subscribed to her page, but they later kept in touch through text messages as well as phone and video calls on her personal phone.

Guerrero then began making unannounced visits to New Hampshire to see her. In February 2022, he hid in her attic for two days before he told her that he was in town, prosecutors said.

At the trial, Guerrero read text messages from the victim in which she allegedly told him that she loved him and that she wanted him to stalk her and be obsessed with her.

"We talked about meeting up, about me coming up. Between that we talked about having intercourse," he said, according to The Independent.

The victim told investigators that Guerrero "seemed nice at first and she gave him her address because he wanted to buy her a TV and fireplace for her apartment in Dover," according to a police affidavit.

The victim also told authorities that she "never really wanted to meet him, but he was very pushy."

Defense attorney Harry Starbranch said that he and Guerrero were disappointed with the verdict and described his client as a young man with no prior criminal record who is now a convicted felon at 19.

"He is as he appeared on the witness stand – he is young, naive and was hoping someone could help him," Starbranch said.

Meanwhile, Deputy Strafford County Attorney Emily Garod said that she was impressed with how the victim, who was living with her mother, handled the case.

"This was not an easy case for her to have to go through or her mother, who was also a victim, so we are proud of her and happy with the verdict," Garod said, per WMUR.

Guerrero is required to wear a GPS-tracking device until his sentence hearing in July.

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