A teen jumped to death from a hospital with her infant daughter in her arms. The incident took place in Sabah, Malaysia, on Saturday morning.

The five-month-old old baby was admitted to the hospital 11 days ago and was being treated for a lung infection. On Saturday morning, the baby’s respirator was taken off after she started breathing normally. A few minutes later, the baby’s 16-year-old mother, who was cradling the infant, took permission to go to the toilet. However, she instead jumped from the window.

Confirming the incident, a police officer said, “The victim was walking and cradling her baby around the ward when she asked permission from the security guard to go to the toilet.”

Minutes after the security guard granted her the permission, he found her lying on the ground in a pool of blood. The teen and her daughter suffered serious head injuries and were pronounced dead on the scene. Investigation revealed the woman jumped to her death after climbing through a window.

It was not immediately clear why the teen took the drastic step. Investigation into the case was ongoing.

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crime scene Pixabay