Monday night’s episode of “Teen Mom 2” may have confused even viewers who were up to date on the latest “Teen Mom” gossip.

Leah Messer is now Leah Calvert after marrying Jeremy Calvert. The young mother of two is pregnant with her new husband’s child too.

For those who didn’t get a chance to see the episode yet, viewers learned last night that one of the main reasons Corey Simms and Leah divorced was that they couldn’t properly communicate.

Even though the two were filing for divorce during the newest episode of the third season, it was clear that they still loved each other. If they had taken the time to explain what they were feeling instead of trying to beat each other to a divorce it could have been avoided.

Kailyn Lowry was shown creeping on Jo’s Facebook. It seems she’s really jealous that he has a new girlfriend and is even more furious that that could also mean another person in her son Isaac’s life. While she tried to make it seem she was more worried about her son, Lowry was clearly just as upset that he had moved on from her.

Chelsea Houska is another one that can’t shake the father of her child. On Monday night’s episode the camera’s caught her ex Adam showing up to their daughter’s birthday party two hours late. Houska has been driving everyone crazy with her inability to drop Adam, especially her father. Don’t worry “Teen Mom” fans, in real life Houska has reportedly moved on from Adam for good.

Jenelle Evans’ segment might have been the most bizarre of the night. She went out to eat with her lawyer to explain to him that the courts were going to have to work around her schedule because she was going to a Ke$ha concert and couldn’t miss it.

In another twist, by the end of the episode Evans found herself locked up again.

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