Jade Cline has had enough when it comes to her on-again-off-again relationship with Sean Austin, the father of her now 2-year-old daughter Kloie. In a sneak peek of Tuesday's episode, the newest addition to "Teen Mom 2" opens up about their relationship struggles.

"I'm done with Sean trying to make me feel bad, going on social media like, 'Oh, she won't let me see my kid.' And I'm like, 'Did you tell them? Do you tell people why you are not in your kid's life.' There are reasons he can't see her," Jade vents to her friend in the clip.

"He's unpredictable, I think he's on drugs," she continues. "So I feel like you have a drug problem, it's been going on a long [expletive] time, and he's been living a double life, and I'm sick of this double life [expletive]. I'm done with it."

The cosmetology student isn't just calling it quits on her relationship because things got tough, though. She's just had enough of the same old behaviors from Sean.

"I've done everything for years," she explains. "I caught him doing drugs before. I paid for his rehab. What does he do? Doesn't take it seriously. Drops out of rehab. I should have known right then and there."

Despite feeling "embarrassed" for not leaving sooner, the teen mom seemed to have learned from her experiences with Kloie's father.

"This is the strongest I've ever felt in my life," she said. "Being able to literally start from nothing and start over, basically."

It seems like Jade may have actually kept her word when it comes to being done with Sean. TMZ caught up with the fresh face before the premiere and although she wouldn't confirm if she was single or taken, she didn't seem too bothered about it.

"I'm not really worried about it," she responded when asked what she looks for in a partner. "I'm just worried about my kid right now and me and my career."

Jade is a fresh face for "Teen Mom 2" fans but she isn't entirely new to the franchise. She was previously featured on the spin-off, "Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant" and was bumped up to the "Teen Mom 2" roster after long-time cast member Jenelle Evans was fired.

"Teen Mom 2" airs Tuesdays at 8/7C on MTV.

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