chelsea houska
Chelsea Houska shared on Instagram an interesting bit about her past. MTV

Chelsea Houska has confirmed she’s having a baby boy, but isn’t ready to share her child’s name just yet. She is, however, fighting back against rumors about what she and husband Cole DeBoer are speculated to be naming their child.

After reports surfaced the “Teen Mom 2” star was planning to name her second baby after Cole and her father, Randy Houska, with the name Cole Randall DeBoer Jr., the reality star quickly denounced the rumors on Twitter. “This is false,” Chelsea wrote late Wednesday, laughing off the buzz around the name.

Randy further debunked the baby name talk on Twitter, clarifying his given name is not “Randall.”

While fans will likely have to wait until February 2017 when Chelsea and Cole’s baby arrives to find out his name, Chelsea hasn’t been keeping and completely in the dark with her pregnancy. Since announcing she was expecting in July, Chelsea has posted almost weekly updates of her progress.

“I can’t wait to have him here!” Chelsea told fans Wednesday night before updating fans again on Thursday, writing she was concerned about her upcoming travels.

Chelsea and Cole announced their baby’s gender in a photoshoot on her blog on Nov. 6. Images showed Chelsea’s 7-year-old daughter Aubree from a previous relationship smiling while holding up a onesie that reads “Little brother.” The big reveal came just weeks after the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in their home state of South Dakota.