Jenelle Evans tried to explain her custody battle to her son on Monday’s “Teen Mom 2” finale. MTV

Season 7 of “Teen Mom 2” came to a dramatic conclusion Monday night. Jenelle Evans got into a blowup with her mother Barbara over custody of her eldest son, Jace, and Kailyn Lowry made a big announcement about her and Javi Marroquin’s marriage. Meanwhile, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska had big news about their court hearings involving their children. Relive the top “OMG” moments that went down in episode 12 of the MTV docuseries below.

‘Little Screaming B----’

Jenelle decides to take a break from her continuous doctor visits and go for a boat ride with her boyfriend, David Eason. Jenelle brings her sons, Jace and Kaiser, whom she shares with her ex Nathan Griffith, and David brings his daughter. En route to the lake, Kaiser won’t stop screaming and Jenelle gets annoyed. When they arrive to the location, David discovers he’s forgotten a life jacket and fire extinguisher so he calls a friend to drop the items off. When his friend arrives, Kaiser is still screaming and David can be heard telling his pal the 23-month-old takes after his father who cries until he gets what he wants. “Yeah, he’s a little screaming b----,” David says.

Attorney at Fault

Leah tells a friend that she believes her ex Corey Simms’ lawyer was the one who was pushing for him to obtain full custody of their twins despite their agreement to share custodial rights. She says his attorney “convinced” him that West Virginia law did not recognize joint custody but that they now have 50-50 rights to Ali and Aleeah. “We made these kids together. We can raise them together,” Leah says. The mother of three adds that she believes she and Corey are in a better place and she recently had a nice conversation with his wife, Miranda, following backpackgate.

No Court Date

Chelsea reveals her ex Adam Lind’s attorney came up with a child support amount close to what the adviser suggested he pay for their daughter, Aubree. While Chelsea is OK with them not going to court, she says she’s not OK with him posting on social media that she needs the money. Chelsea tells a pal she thinks her ex is a “narcissist” and is “delusional” because the money she would be receiving would go directly to their child. Ultimately, Chelsea says she’s just glad their support issue is over because she wants a “boring life.”

Jeremy’s Taken

Leah discovers her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has revealed on Facebook he’s in a relationship with a single mom named Brooke, the same person he started dating after they divorced. “He’s so funny, one second he’s with a bunch of girls, the next second he wants to get back with me, the next second he’s with Brooke,” Leah tells a friend, adding she’s happy for her ex.

While dropping off their daughter Adalynn, Brooke gets out of Jeremy’s car and introduces herself. Leah tells her mom their meeting went well and she hopes that one day they can sit down and get to know each other.

Despite her desire to get along, Leah gets upset with Jeremy later in the episode when she learns he left Adalynn with his mother to go pick up Brooke’s daughter. “You see this little girl all week. You don’t see Addie all week. That’s what breaks my heart for this kid,” Leah complains. “I’m not going to allow Jeremy to hurt Addie.”

Family Planning

Chelsea and her fiancé, Cole DeBoer, go out for a meal where they discuss their plans for children. Cheslea says that after they marry, they’re going to start family planning first thing. “You’re gonna put a baby in me,” Chelsea tells her beau. Cole says he wants seven babies, but soon after decides that three is the magic number.

Jenelle Explains It All

After their fishing outing, Barbara contacts Jenelle and tells her she needs Jace back right away. Jenelle lets her mother know she’ll try her best but they have other obligations, such as dropping off David’s daughter. When David asks Barbara to meet them halfway, she refuses. Jenelle tells Jace that Barbara is fighting with her and he suggests he stay with her, but Jenelle explains why it isn’t that simple. Jenelle tells Jace that when he was a baby a judge told her Barbara needed to care for him because she didn’t have a stable home for him. She says she now needs the judge to say it's OK for her to have him back but things are taking a long time. Jenelle cries that it “hurts” she can’t give him back and says she’s wanted to have this talk for a long time.

“I wanted you to be old enough to understand,” she says. “I’m trying, OK? I’m trying my hardest.”

Later that night, when Jenelle fails to deliver Jace, she gets a call from Barbara. Jenelle tells her mom to give her one reason why she can’t have custody of her son and Barbara tells she has to get rid of her “crazy boyfriends.” Barbara tells Jenelle she’s “brainwashing” Jace into wanting to live with her, and Jenelle flips. “I have to go to court with my own mother to get my son back when I’m not on drugs and I’m clean as a whistle!” she yells. Jenelle lets Jace listen to the argument and tells Barbara that Jace needs to be in a more stable environment.

No More Kids = Divorce

Kail says she and Javi got into an argument after she revealed she doesn’t want any more children. Kail discusses the fight with her friend, saying she initially wanted three kids but now wants to focus on her career. “I would love to have third baby but I just don’t think that it is realistic right now,” Kail says, also naming her and Javi’s failure to get along for two years as a reason. “Why on God’s green earth would I bring another child into that?” she says. Kail reveals that Javi has made it clear if she doesn’t have more kids with him, then he can’t stay with her. Kail says they have discussed divorce for a long time and that at this juncture, they’re “beating a dead horse.”

When Kail calls Javi, who is deployed overseas, she asks him what their future holds and he says they don’t have one. Javi says they’re not going to work out their issues and calls her reasons for not wanting another child “bulls---.” Javi says it is better for them to make the decision about their marriage while he’s away because his dad can move his stuff out of their home while he’s deployed.