Teen Mom 2 - Season 5
Find out what happened to (from left) Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer in "Teen Mom 2" Season 6, episode 5. MTV/Viacom

Fights and custody battles was a running theme in Thursday’s “Teen Mom 2” installment. In Season 6, episode 5, "Can't Trust Them," Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska fought with their exes over custody of their children. While Jenelle Evans was in a similar situation, she was battling it out with her mom Barbara over custody of her firstborn son, Jace. Meanwhile, Kailyn Lowry was battling not over custody, but her tumultuous marriage with husband Javi Marroquin following a harrowing trip to Los Angeles.

Find out everything that happened in the latest installment of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” below:


Despite being in the middle of a custody battle with Adam, Chelsea allows him to spend time with their daughter Aubree. During his visit with Aubree, Adam tries to convince his ex-girlfriend Taylor to allow her to meet up with her half-sister Paislee. While Taylor agrees to chat with Aubree on the phone, she tells her she cannot see her sibling, apparently due to her ongoing custody battle with Adam.

When Taylor informs Chelsea that Adam used their daughter as a way to communicate with her, she is not impressed. When Chelsea speaks to Taylor on the phone, Adam's ex informs her that Adam also lied on the stand during a recent court appearance, saying he never had Aubree call her. Chelsea says she's worried the judge won't see through Adam's deceit when it is time for her day in court.

"That makes me nervous," she admits.


Leah reveals her plans to meet with a lawyer to discuss her twins’ visitation schedule with her ex-husband Corey Simms. Leah tells a friend she feels their current custody arrangement is “stable” and she doesn’t feel comfortable giving Corey more time with their girls during the school week.

When Leah meets with her attorney, she admits that her children have been tardy to school due of her inability to wake up with an alarm clock. “I’m trying to fix that issue,” Leah says.

Leah goes on to state she feels Corey’s presence makes her unable to parent. “I can’t be the mother I want to be with him constantly breathing down my neck,” she says. Leah’s attorney advises her client to communicate with her ex, but not to allow him to bully her.

When Leah reaches out to Corey to discuss their custody arrangement, their conversation quickly goes sour. Leah tells her ex she thinks their kids "need a stable place during the week." Corey responds by accusing Leah of being a "fake a-- mom" and cursing and fighting with husband Jeremy Calvert in front of their kids. Corey claims their girls told him her fights with Jeremy are "so bad that they had to hide in the laundry room." Leah denies those claims.

Following their fight, Leah says she feels like she is going to have a nervous breakdown. She attempts to reach out to Jeremy about the incident, but he doesn't respond. Meanwhile, Corey tells his wife Miranda he is not done fighting for his kids.


Kailyn gets invited to a friends’ annual, girls-only weekend away in Los Angeles. Javi says he’s sad Kailyn is leaving him home alone with sons Isaac and Lincoln. Kailyn tells Javi he has no reason not to trust her while she’s away, saying she wants to be able to balance having a family, a marriage and a social life.

When Kailyn arrives on the West Coast she goes on a tour of Los Angeles with her friends, but constantly receives texts from Javi during the outing. During the tour, Kailyn asks the tour guide where she can find actor Bradley Cooper, calling him “the father of her next child.”

During a night out with her friends, Kailyn says she was bombared with texts from Javi. She shows a pal some of the messages he sent to her in which he called her a "bad mom." Kailyn says at this point in her marriage, she is more concerned about her kids' well-being than her love life.

When Kailyn returns home from her trip she slams Javi for his behavior. She says her friendships are being affected by the way he acts.


Jenelle reveals her son Jace’s school wants to meet with her and her mom Barbara, who currently has custody of her child. Jenelle says she’s worried she will miss her own classes to attend the meeting, but feels its important to participate in.

Jenelle tells a friend her mom is not aware she is taking her to court over custody of Jace, but that she will need support from her fiancé Nathan when she finds out. A later scene shows Barbara receiving the court documents and learning Jenelle’s plan.

When Jenelle contacts her mom to discuss Jace’s meeting, Barbara reveals she has hired a lawyer. She goes on to inform her daughter that she will not allow her to see Jace during their custody battle because she has to keep his feelings in mind. Jenelle threatens her mom, saying when she gets custody of Jace she “will not see him for as long as you f---ing held him from me for."

Despite her argument with Barbara, Jenelle is allowed to call into Jace's meeting. His teacher informs her that Jace is having behavioral problems and would do best at a charter school. When Jenelle speaks to Nathan about the meeting, she says it seemed like Jace's teachers were alluding to the idea that he should stay witih Barbara. Nathan calls the entire situation "very tough" and appears to side with Barbara, saying Jenelle should not keep Jace away from her if she is granted full custody.

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