Jenelle Evans
“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans was accused of lying about her pregnancy. The 25-year-old reality star attending the 2016 MTV Music Awards at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Aug. 28, 2016. Getty Images/Jamie McCarthy

A new “Teen Mom 2” episode aired on MTV last Monday night. As per usual, the reality show updated fans with more details about Jenelle Evans’ personal life, including her pregnancy. While fans who have been following the 25-year-old reality star on social media already know that she’s pregnant, the details of how this would play out on the show remained unknown until last night.

In episode 17, Evans and boyfriend David Eason talked about purchasing a piece of land for their future house. What caught the attention of many fans in this episode is how the couple refused to confirm that they were already expecting. Evans’ due date is this month, so fans of the show were perplexed over the fact that they did not overtly announced that she has a bun in the oven at the time.

It did not help that a police report about the car crash the couple got into stated that Evans was 10 weeks pregnant. In addition, her mother, Barbara, threw her daughter under the bus when she told producers that Evans was not pleased with her pregnancy due to trust issues.

After the show, fans took to Twitter to call out Evans for allegedly lying about her pregnancy in the episode. When one fan asked why she lied, the reality TV actress responded that she did not. Then, another joined the conversation and insisted that the reality star obviously lied because Chelsea Houska is already due this February, but the latter previously announced her pregnancy.

Other fans also chimed in and pointed out the inconsistencies in Evans’ storyline in the MTV series. To appease the backlash, she set the record straight by posting a series of tweets explaining what really happened.

Apparently, by the time some scenes were filmed, Evans and Eason already thought that they were expecting. However, when Nathan Griffith’s ex went to Los Angeles for an ultrasound, doctors told her that she was not pregnant.

When she got home after receiving the bad news, that was the time MTV came to their place to congratulate her. She said that she didn’t bother to explain to the camera that she wasn’t pregnant. Then, she pointed out how she posted on Instagram back in May that she wasn’t pregnant, only to find out in June that she really was having a baby. Jenelle finally clarified that she decided to keep these things a secret because many were already claiming that she was lying.

Despite explaining her side, many continued to bash her on the social networking site. One even commented on her latest tweet: “Does she really think we are that stupid?” Another wrote: “She has no concept of telling the truth.”

Howver, there were also fans who defended Evans’ decision to keep it a secret. One fan stated: “You don’t have to explain yourself.” Another fan chimed in: “It’s really nobody’s business whether or not you kept it a secret.”