“Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans allegedly miscarried Friday, according to sources who spoke to RadarOnline.com.

The 21-year-old mother of one toddler son and her husband of less than two months had been arguing since he went out and got drunk with his friends last Sunday night, RadarOnline reported.

Evans implied that when Courtland Rogers returned home, he physically abused her, resulting in Evans taking a trip to the hospital.

The MTV reality-television personality revealed via social media that she would be getting a divorce from her husband as soon as possible.

Evans tweeted Friday morning, “F--K,” and then wrote: “Feel light headed,” giving some insight to her sad situation.

“Jenelle lost the baby this morning,” one of her friends subsequently told RadarOnline. “She’s sad and upset, but she’ll make it through.”

Evans’ former fiance, Gary Head, has allegedly been at her hospital bedside and answering all of her phone calls, according to sources.

The “Teen Mom 2” star is filing assault charges against Rogers and would not let him see her in the hospital, RadarOnline reported.

“They won’t let me in!” Rogers told the website about visiting Evans at the hospital. “Gary answers every phone Jenelle has! They won’t let me in, and her mom called the hospital, and there are cops there!”

He added: “I’m so freaking upset! This is so f--ked up! That’s my kid!”

Even though they lost their child and Evans has supposedly filed assault charges against him, Rogers proclaimed he still loves her.

“I am not leaving until I see my wife and kiss her!” Rogers told RadarOnline. “I don’t even care if the cops take me. I f--king love Jenelle so much no matter what she has done or lied about. I just can’t stop loving someone that easy, especially when she’s my wife.”

But Evans made it clear that she was moving on by tweeting on Friday night, "I'm not crying tonight and ruining my makeup over u."