On the second part of the "Teen Mom" reunion special, Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards' new girlfriend Dalis Connell argue. Dalis is threatened by Bookout texting Edwards (the father of her child), even though she claims that she is always polite to Maci.

Bookout reveals that she is no longer with her longtime boyfriend, Kyle King, whom she bought a house with, because she found out he was being unfaithful to her.

The loneliness must have gotten to the "Teen Mom" star because she's now involved in drama surrounding her son's father and his new girlfriend.

The sneak peek clip starts with Connell saying, "When you texted Ryan one time going to the beach, you said you'd have a better time with me."

She was referring to Edwards receiving a text from Bookout.

Bookout became instantly irritated when Connell brought up the drama and lashed back, "I really don't think that's somewhere you want to go, because then I'm going to tell you something you really don't want to hear."

Naturally Connell responded, "I would love to hear it."

Clueless, celebrity psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky tried to figure out what the girls were talking about, but Bookout remained silent.

"You can ask him," she told Dr. Drew, meaning Edwards.

But Ryan responded, "I don't have a clue other than trying to start drama right here on this stage. "

So the "Teen Mom" reality star was then forced to explain the situation to Dalis, Dr. Drew and the MTV audience:

"I was at dinner with my girlfriends. Ryan called me, said him and Dalis were fighting and that he wanted to come to my room and hang out with us and go out with us. The next day apparently he told her that I texted him saying it would be better if his girlfriend wasn't here and never told her what he had done, apparently."

Edwards denied it, but Bookout admits to what she had done.

"I respect Maci," Connell retorted, "I've made it clear to everyone that I respect her as a mother and I always will and I've always been very polite to her."

She continued, "But you can't just be his mother and then do ex-girlfriend tendencies."

One of Bookout's fans said in response to the clip:

"I couldn't agree more with Maci. Dalis really shouldn't go there. A battle of wits against an unarmed person is kind of an unfair fight. ... Don't mess with Maci Bookout; she's very articulate, she's not just another dumb pretty girl. Poor wittle Dalis her voice was a bit shaky there I think she was going to cry haha! And what a revelation...Ryan is worse than I thought...he's a scheming, lying country bumpkin if I ever saw one."

Another said:

"Is Dalis for real? She acts like her and Ryan are married or something. She is not the step-mother. Now that they will not be on TV anymore and the cash stops coming in..Ryan will move on to his next victim."

The sneak peek was only a two-minute clip, so more drama is sure to ensue on the full episode.

Check it on Tuesday at 10/9c.

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