It may be February, but Monday’s “Teen Mom OG” episode was all about Halloween. Catelynn Lowell and Maci Bookout took their children trick-or-treating but not all of the moms participated in the fun in “Forgive & Forget.” While Amber Portwood was not shown getting into the holiday spirit, she did celebrate her daughter Leah’s birthday. Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham was out of town on business.

Find out everything that happened in MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” Season 6, episode 7 below:


Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra prep for their honeymoon to Hawaii. Catelynn says she’s nervous to leave their daughter, Nova, behind for a week.

Before going away, Catelynn says she needs to visit her doctor to get more antidepressants. Tyler fears Catelynn, who brought up the idea she may have postpartum depression in episode 6, will have an anxiety attack on their honeymoon.

Two days before their trip, Catelynn refuses to get out of bed and says she’s doesn’t feel well. When Catelynn goes to see her counselor, she mulls over the idea of cutting their honeymoon short, saying she’s afraid to leave Nova for the first time. The counselor tells Catelynn she must deal with her anxiety head-on in order to discover the roots of her issues. 

Watch Catelynn discuss her issues with her counselor:

Before Catelynn and Tyler leave, they take Nova trick-or-treating. The couple dresses their daughter up as a monkey. Catelynn cries when they drop off Nova with her mom, April.

When the couple arrives in Hawaii, Catelynn says her anxiety isn't an issue. She and Tyler go horseback riding, swimming, sunbathing and talk on the beach about their parenting styles. Tyler says he plans to step up more and not wait for Caitlynn to ask him to do things for Nova. Tyler then drops a bombshell, saying he feels it’s his duty to step aside when it comes to caring for Nova because he feels Catelynn missed out on raising their daughter Carly, whom they gave up for adoption as teenagers. Catelynn says things happen for a reason. Tyler says if it wasn’t for Carly, they probably wouldn’t be married.


Farrah, away in the U.K., misses Sophia’s first day of school. She makes time to call her daughter before she leaves and find out what she’s wearing. After the call, Sophia refuses to eat her breakfast and tells her grandparents who are watching her “don’t make me look fat.”

Watch Debra check in with Farrah:

Four weeks after being away from her daughter, Farrah says she doesn’t want to be apart from Sophia for a long stretch of time ever again. Farrah says she wants to move to Los Angeles so she can be closer to more job opportunities and spend more time with Sophia. Before making the move official, Farrah asks her daughter if she would be OK with the relocation. Sophia says if she can go the beach, she’s down with the move.

Before Farrah comes home to Texas, her parents, Debra and Michael, put a “Welcome Home” wreath on her front door. When she arrives, Farrah drops the moving news on her parents. Debra says she’s happy because she’ll be closer to her daughter and granddaughter. Michael says he’s sad his family is leaving Texas but is happy they’re making a positive change.


Maci reveals that after she and Ryan Edwards were able to get along well at Bentley’s birthday party, they will be going trick-or-treating together. Maci says it is important to her that they go as a family.

Meanwhile, Bentley preps for Halloween by carving a pumpkin with Ryan. Ryan upsets his son when he throws the pumpkin “guts” on him and his new clothes. “Seriously?” Bentley asks annoyed. After promising to get his dad back, Bentley asks the production crew to hold his lollipop and grabs the entire bowl of pumpkin innards. “I feel bad doing this,” Bentley tells the cameras. Laughing, Bentley hands off the bowl to his grandmother, who pours the entire contents on Ryan’s head.

Watch Maci take Bentley trick-or-treating:

When Maci arrives to take Bentley trick-or-treating, Ryan is nowhere in sight. Ryan’s mom says she’s going to “beat” her son’s “ass” and Maci says he’s probably being late on purpose. When Ryan fails to show up, Maci wonders where he was but says that ultimately, Bentley probably didn’t notice his absence. “He doesn’t have a job. He doesn’t have any other children,” Maci ponders. Her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, jokes that Ryan may have a double life.

When Bentley goes back inside, Ryan shows up in costume and asks him if he wants to go out again. Bentley says he’s done trick-or-treating. Ryan, who blames Maci for hurrying the event, gets annoyed by his family and asks Bentley why he didn’t wait for him. Bentley says he only had getting a lot of candy on his mind.


Amber says things have been tough since her ex, Gary Shirley, dropped the bombshell about her fiancé Matt Baier’s child support cases on-camera. The producers go to Amber and Matt’s house to speak to them about the recent incident. Amber says not all seven of the children Gary accused Matt of fathering are his, but feels some of them might be “because of the way he was in his past.” Amber says if he does have seven kids, they will figure out their issues together.

When Matt speaks, he says the difference between him and Gary is all of his actions 25 years ago were “drug induced” where Gary is just a “bad person currently.”

Amber says she thinks Gary approached her on-camera because he feels it will help him in the custody battle over their daughter Leah.

The following day is Leah’s birthday. Amber says Gary is not allowing her to celebrate at his house but will let her drop off a gift. When Amber says she will not drop off the gift outside, Matt gets upset. “I want to see her open her present,” Amber says, asking Matt to “be the bigger man.” Matt agrees to go with Amber and she promises Leah’s birthday won’t be the same next year.

Watch Amber visit Leah on her birthday:

When they arrive at Gary’s house, Matt exchanges niceties with Gary about his home renovations while Amber gives Leah a magic set. While driving home, Gary’s girlfriend texts Amber and says Leah appreciated their visit. Amber gets emotional and says she wishes she could have given Leah a birthday party.

When the weekend arrives, Gary lets Amber spend time with Leah. Amber surprises her daughter with a limo and a birthday party, complete with a magician. 

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