All of the “Teen Mom OG” momma drama came to a close Monday night. MTV aired two back-back episodes of the docuseries for the 2016 finale. As the summary and sneak-peek videos for "Talking Chances; Walk Away" promised, Farrah Abraham moved forward with her boyfriend, Maci Bookout continued to face struggles at home, Catelynn Lowell struggled with depression and Amber Portwood fought her ex for custody of their daughter. 

Relive the craziest moments from the two-hour installment below:

Cheap Engagement Rings — Ahead of her move to Los Angeles, Farrah tells her sort-of boyfriend Simon she's not going to live with him or have a baby until she's married. Later on, when the couples meet up with Farrah's father, he requests they don't elope. The following day, Farrah and Simon go ring shopping. Farrah gets upset when the attendant gives her rings they she feels look “cheap.”

Ryan Lies — When Maci Bookout's ex, Ryan Edwards, is asked by his dad where he goes at night and if he’s dating anyone, Ryan lies to his face. Ryan is later approached by a producer who asks him why he’s keeping his romance with Shelby a secret. Ryan says he’s planning to move to Nashville to be closer to his girlfriend but doesn’t want anyone to know because it will cause “drama.” He says he won’t tell his parents until he’s sure he’s moving forward with the move. In the second hour, Ryan reveals to his relationship with Shelby is over.

Food Addiction — After Gary Shirley's better half, Kristina, fails to text Amber back, Amber vents her frustrations about her ex’s partner. Amber says she’s watched the show and knows the two of them talk badly about her. Amber’s fiancé, Matt Baier, says Kristina and Gary just put on a show for the cameras. The couple agrees it is a cop out for Kristina and Gary to discuss their former drug addiction issues when it is clear Gary has a food addiction.

Marriage Bombshell — Amber says her daughter, Leah, told her and Matt that Gary and Kristina are legally married. Amber says it is strange because they were never engaged. In a later scene, a producer congratulates the couple on their marriage. Gary says he knew he wanted to marry Kristina and knew she would not turn down his proposal. Gary says it was only them and the judge present at their wedding, which occured two days after popping the question.

“It helps out in a lot of areas,” Gary says. He says it will show his in a serious relationship and his better half doesn’t “have any secret kids,” an obvious dig to Matt.

Butch Gets Upset— Tyler Baltierra's dad, Butch, is saddened when he learns he cannot attend his granddaughter Nova’s first birthday party. He says the no-contact order he has with his ex-wife April, who also happens to be Catelynn’s mother, prevents him from being at any family events together. Tyler says he doesn’t understand why the order is in effect for two years while he’s on parole because she’s since remarried. Butch says he doesn’t agree with the courts’ decision but takes responsibility for his actions.

Catelynn decides to make two birthday cakes so Tyler’s dad and her mom can each see Nova blow out her candles.

Debra Forgets Her Manners — Debra, Farrah Abraham's mother, joins her to look for a home in Los Angeles. After slamming Farrah’s relators picks by saying the homes don’t have enough privacy and closet space, Debra sends off the real estate professional on a sour note on day two of their search.

“Farrah doesn’t need a house that’s old," Debra says. “She needs low maintenance and privacy.”

When the agent says she was not informed of Farrah’s wants before the search, Debra closes the car door on her while she’s speaking. Farrah's daughter, Sophia, hits her grandmother for her behavior after the fact.

“Thanks a lot grandma. You hurt her feelings,” she says.

“Real estate people work for you and you tell them what you want,” Debra says.

Watch Amber refuse to talk about her situation with Gary below:


Amber Pays Up — Amber reveals she’s still fighting Gary for shared custody of Leah. She says she wants to figure out their arrangement out of court. She decides to offer Gary child support in exchange for him giving her more time in exchange for more time with Leah. Gary agrees with Amber’s offer but later sends over a new contract which doesn’t match their agreement. Amber sayst the agreement states she can still only see Leah for the minimum amount of time.

“In a nutshell it was everything was still the same but you now pay me,” Matt explains to the producers.

Amber says she’s “sick” of the disrespect Gary gives her. Later, Gary says he’s going to reword the agreement to incorporate a flexible schedule with his house being Leah’s home base.

Ryan Steps Up — After years of Maci having to go through Ryan’s parents to get visits scheduled, Ryan says he’s ready to step up to the plate. He visits Maci’s house, which he calls beautiful, and says he’s tired of having to communicate with Maci through his mom. Ryan says he appreciates her communicating with him and making things “easy.” Maci says she’s proud of the changes he’s made.

Watch a scene from Farrah's fight with Larry below:


Farrah Pushes Producer — When MTV tells Farrah she’s not allowed to film a show that they feel is similar to the “Teen Mom” concept, she refuses to film. When Farrah speaks about her upset with producer Larry Musnik, she tells him to speak to her lawyer. After Larry warns Farrah she’s in breach of contract for not filming with them, Farrah calls him “white trash” for arguing with her. 

When Farrah calls Larry a "dumb, twisted, motherf-----,"  he gets upset and reminds Farrah he has stood by her since she was a teenager. "This gave you your start!" Larry yells. Farrah reminds Larry that show, at one point, fired her, and says the reality program only got picked up because Sophia's dad, Derek, died.

When Larry denies the show aired because of Derek's death, Farrah shoves him and and requests he leave her property.

"I will never f---ing work with you guys ever again!" Farrah says. 

The next season of "Teen Mom 2" will premiere Monday, March 21, on MTV. Watch the first trailer HERE.