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Things were not happy-go-lucky for the cast of “Teen Mom OG” on episode 3, “New Wounds.” Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra went head-to-head with their first-born daughter’s adoptive parents, Maci Bookout and her ex Ryan Edwards argued over their lack of communication skills and Amber Portwood hit the road for her book tour, after arguing with her ex, Gary Shirley. Despite all of the heartache in Monday night's installment, there was one fun surprise. Find out the details about what happened on episode 3 of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” below:


After discovering they were expecting a baby girl in episode 2, Catelynn and Tyler started their preparations for parenthood in Monday night’s installment. The couple painted their little girl Novalee’s nursery pink and even bought a few baby supplies. Amid their planning, Tyler revealed he wanted to go back to school to get a degree in film. With Catelynn’s pregnancy quickly comes to a close, the couple mutually agreed that Tyler should enroll.

But it wasn’t just Novalee and school on Catelynn and Tyler’s mind. With a new daughter on the way, Tyler revealed he had been thinking quite a bit about their first daughter Carly. MTV viewers will rememeber they gave up Carly to a couple named Brandon and Teresa on "16 and Pregnant."

In an attempt to pay tribute to Carly, Tyler made a video including recent photos and videos of her which were gifted by Brandon and Teresa at the request they were not shared with the public. Catelynn explained to Tyler his decision to post his project may result in an issue with Carly's adoptive parents, citing Carly's privacy as the duo's main concern.

Tyler responded by calling their argument about Carly’s privacy double-sided due to a recent magazine shoot they participated in.

“This whole adoption thing was supposed to be a lot different in my opinion. I pictured it being way different than it is now,” Tyler admitted before speaking directly to viewers. “If anyone is pregnant watching this, pick the right couple and make sure you go through everything."

Tyler said he felt Brandon and Teresa should not have agreed to adopt Carly if they were uncomfortable living their lives in front of television cameras. “You guys are adults. You knew exactly how you wanted to raise your child. Did you want to raise her with cameras or not? And if you didn’t, you should have never have picked us," he said.

“Maybe they didn’t know it was going to go as far like we didn’t,” Catelynn responded, soon after breaking down into tears over the fear of being barred from her annual visits with Carly. “I don’t want to not be able to see her over something stupid,” she said.

“I put myself in their shoes constantly and all I keep thinking about is what would I do for the birth parents that gave me the chance to be parent. It's a fricken huge punch in the face,” Tyler added.

As Catelynn predicted, Tyler later recieved an angry call from Brandon and Teresa. Catelynn agreed with the couple’s upset, reminding Tyler they signed over the rights to Carly after her birth. Tyler remained adamant he should be able to share photos of his first-born.


Ahead of the release of her tell-all book “Never Too Late” Amber prepared for her publicity tour. But before hitting the road, she attempted to spend some quality time with her daughter, Leah. Her ex, however, had different plans. Leah’s father Gary argued with Amber over her desire to have their daughter spend the night at her house on a school night. Being that he had full-custody following Amber’s recent stint in prison, she had to comply.

“I love the faith you have in me as a mother,” Amber said to Gary after he reminded her to perform basic motherly duties. “I hate him,” she told her producers.

After putting her drama with Gary aside, Amber met with her business partners to discuss the impending release of her book. After having a brief face-to-face with Leah, Amber headed off to her tour bus only to be met with a surprise “Teen Mom OG” guest, “Teen Mom 2” star Kailyn Lowry. The fellow MTV reality star shared the bus with Amber to promote her tell-all book, “Pride Over Pity.”

On the bus, the two “Teen Mom” stars discussed their books. Kailyn’s son with Lincoln also made an appearance. While Kailyn said she enjoyed speaking engagements and publicity tours, Amber said she felt anxiety about the situation. In an apparent effort to make Amber more comfortable, Kailyn praised her for writing a book following her recent incarceration.

“I think you picture someone getting out of jail and it being a little bit different, but you’re taking it and learning from it and moving forward instead of dwelling on it,” Kailyn said. “I’m so happy for you you were able to write this book.”

After an appearance on Dr. Drew's "Love Line" radio show, Amber revealed to the host she was planning on pursuing full custody of Leah in the future.


Maci’s co-parenting relationship with her ex Ryan Edwards continued to be rocky in episode 3. After Ryan failed to show up to pick up their son Bentley on time, Maci left their meet up spot, resulting in Ryan calling his ex a “dumba--.” After later dropping Bentley off at Ryan's parenting's house, she refused to speak to the show's producers about the altercation.

“I do not have the energy or the emotional f---ing brain capacity to argue with him right now,” Maci told her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney.

When Ryan finally made an appearance at his childhood home, his dad Larry made it clear he needed to work things out with Maci. He told him to work on their communication skills - a task Maci failed to properly execute in the previous episode. Ryan’s new girlfriend Shelby even attempted to soothe their issues by elling Ryan he needed to treat Maci likes his mother.

Maci later contacted Ryan in an attempt to get on the same page. They met and a mutual spot, and with Ryan's new attitude intact, they agreed to communicate via text message.

"Teen Mom OG" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.