Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood cried over claims her soon-to-be husband has seven children in "Teen Mom OG." MTV

Monday’s installment of “Teen Mom OG” was heavy on the tears and drama. While Maci Bookout managed to get along with her ex for their son’s birthday party, the other moms were not living in harmony. Amber Portwood fought with her ex over claims about her fiancé’s children, it was suggested that Catelynn Lowell is suffering from postpartum depression and Farrah Abraham argued with her parents over baby-sitting plans.

Find out what went down in Season 5B, episode 16 of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” below:


Amber and Matt Baier continue to work on flipping the home they purchased. Amber says things with her ex, Gary Shirley, are still tense, but she’s excited to see her daughter Leah.

During a nail salon visit, Amber opens up about getting married to Matt. She says she was initially scared of their relationship because of their 20-year age difference. Amber says his move from Boston to Indiana was also rough but was made easier since his kids are grown up. Amber says she has already met his son and daughter.

Meanwhile, Gary looks up Matt’s background and claims to find court documents that show he has five court cases against him regarding child support for seven children. Gary says he’s unsure if he will tell Amber about the documents.

When Gary meets with his lawyer, Gary says he’s not afraid of Leah being in Amber’s care but is concerned about Matt’s ongoing court battles. Gary says he doesn’t think Matt is a bad person but wants Amber to be aware of his history. The lawyer advises Gary to approach Amber with his concerns about Matt.

Watch Gary confront Leah about Matts past:

When Amber drops off Leah, Gary tells Amber he needs to talk to her. Gary gives Amber the papers and says Matt appears to have seven children. Amber claims he only has two.

“If that was the case, then he would have been in jail 10 years ago,” Amber says, before yelling, ”I’ve been with this man for over a year, I think I know him.”

Back at Amber and Matt’s house a “Teen Mom OG” producer asks Matt for a moment. He responds by telling the crew to get their things out of their house. “Get your s--- and don’t come back, ever, ever, ever again,” he says, calling Gary’s actions an “ambush” of Amber.

“She has been through enough with the court of public opinion,” he continues. “I promise you I’m about to get medieval on his fat ass.”

Later that night, Matt denies having seven children, but Amber sounds unconvinced. “F--- with me and watch what happens to your life,” she warns.

When the producers sit down with Matt and Amber the following day, Matt says he thinks Gary is afraid of his custody battle with Amber. “He waited for the cameras because he wants to make me look as bad as he possibly can,” Amber says.

Amber says she wants to believe Matt is telling the truth. “I don’t love a lot of people and I love him, but if it is true, I’m going to feel really stupid,” Amber cries. “I can’t go through prison and addiction and a custody battle and then this and be OK. I’m breaking.”


Catelynn reveals she’s having trouble adjusting to married life. She says her mother, April, has been helping her take care of her and Tyler Baltierra’s daughter, Nova.

Meanwhile, Tyler’s mother, Kim, grills him about his career plans now that he’s not going to school. Tyler says he feels uninspired to do anything and calls getting into an “endless cycle of conformity” his worst nightmare.

In a later visit, Tyler shares he’s most interested in a writing career. Kim then turns her attention to Catelynn, saying she fears she may be suffering from postpartum depression due to the amount of hours she spends away from Nova. Tyler denies Catelynn is suffering, but does question why Nova is with her grandmother two days a week.

When Tyler brings up postpartum depression to Catelynn, she calls the idea “ridiculous.” Catelynn says she’s already on antidepressants and “would know for sure” if she was having problems. Tyler asks Catelynn to go to therapy with him and she grudgingly agrees.

During their counseling session, Tyler admits he sometimes wonders why Nova is gone as much as she is. Catelynn says she’s driven to ask for help caring for Nova because she wakes up too much in the middle of the night and she needs a break. Tyler responds by saying he thinks he may need to step up more. The therapist says Nova being gone more than two days a week may be a red flag, but Catelynn says she still doesn’t feel she has postpartum depression.


Farrah preps for her business trip to the U.K. She announces that her mother, Debra, will be visiting her and her daughter Sophia before she goes. When Debra reveals she does not have a return ticket booked, Farrah reminds her mother she does not want her looking after Sophia.

Farrah goes to her dad, Michael, and says she thinks they’re both planning to both watch Sophia while she’s gone, despite her wishes for them not to. When Farrah teases the idea of getting a baby-sitter instead and accuses Michael of having a negative attitude, he gets angry. Despite his frustration, Michael says he will respect Farrah’s wishes not to have Debra help him baby-sit.

When Sophia approaches her about who she wants to watch her, Sophia says she wants both grandparents. Farrah, confused about what she should do, asks her therapist to do a home visit. The counselor tells Farrah her life will be easier if she has “more realistic” expectations. Farrah decides to let her parents watch Sophia as a unit.


Despite complaining about the amount of things on her plate, Maci reveals she welcomed a new dog into her family. Maci says she’s also busy planning a party for Bentley’s seventh birthday. Bentley is excited to learn his dad, Ryan Edwards, might be at his celebration. Maci says she feels hopeful Ryan will show up since he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Maci goes to Ryan’s house to talk to him about the party, and he agrees to go bowling. When Maci leaves for a family wedding, Ryan’s mom agrees to watch her and Taylor McKinney's daughter, Jayde. Maci asks Ryan not to “corrupt” her daughter too much while she’s gone.

Watch Ryan and Maci bond at Bentleys birthday party:

At Bentley’s party, Ryan shows up and offers to hold Jayde, calling the infant “pretty cool.” At the end of the party, Bentley asks Maci if he can spend the night at his dad's house. Maci agrees to let him sleep over because it’s his birthday. Maci later tells one of her friends that she needs to find Ryan a “cool” girlfriend so all of their future parties can run just as smoothly.

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