Would you believe the 2016 season of “Teen Mom OG” is about to come to a close? Monday, MTV will air the finale of the original girls’ fifth season, and based on the sneak-peek videos, fans are not going to want to miss it.

Sneak Peek No. 1 — “Farrah’s Infamous Fight With Production”

Farrah Abraham’s drama takes front and center when she gets into a verbal spat with “Teen Mom OG” producer Larry Musnik. The clip shows Heather, a fellow producer, arriving to Farrah’s new home in Los Angeles only to be told by the “Teen Mom” star they weren’t scheduled to film.

“I’m moving and you guys shouldn’t be here today though because this production doesn’t exit right now,” Farrah says. 

When Larry takes over the conversation, Farrah says MTV voided their agreement by not allowing her to take on other jobs, but he disagrees. Farrah responds by telling Larry to speak to her lawyer so they can continue filming. When Larry warns Farrah that by sending them away she’s in breach of contract, things get ugly.

“I did everything on my end, sweetheart. So you can just take your little a-- and get on a phone call and do you job,” Farrah says. 

When Larry refuses to agree with her, she walks away. Farrah then reveals she’s filming another show that’s about therapy with a mom, a theme which she says is completely different from “Teen Mom.”

“It’s not about my struggles, or me being a teen mom or any of that type of thing,” she says. After Larry says he doesn’t understand how the new program differs from the MTV series, Farrah calls him “laughable.”

“Why are you so white trash?” she asks. The clip does not show Larry’s response, though the trailer for this season does include additional footage of their argument. 


Sneak Peek No. 2 — “Maci Disciplines Bentley”

Maci Bookout made it clear to her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, that she was overwhelmed with their household and work obligations during last week’s installment. On Monday’s finale, her frustrations will get the best of her and she will scold her son Bentley, whom she shares with ex Ryan Edwards, on camera.

When Maci asks Bentley to keep his room clean, he giggles, and accuses his mom of not keeping her own possessions in line, which infuriates the “Teen Mom” star.

“This is not about me,” she says. “I can do whatever the hell I want to… I take care of you. I pay for us to live this life … Don’t ask me or tell me what I do. I’m not a child, I’m a grownup.”

Maci ends the scolding by telling Bentley to take off his microphone and go to his room.

“When I come upstairs you need to be able to tell me a reason as to why you’re laughing at me,” she warns.


Sneak Peek No. 3. — “Amber Refuses To Film”

Amber Portwood’s sneak peek starts on a joyful note as she’s seen hanging out with her cousin and fiancé Matt Baier and playing with her dogs. When a producer steps in and asks Amber to talk about the text she sent Gary Shirley — in which she asked him to take their daughter, Leah, to Florida for Christmas — she refuses to cooperate.

“There’s nothing else to talk about!” Amber says “Don’t f—ing try that s--- with me when you know God damn well what you’re talking about. That’s the s— I don’t like right there.”

When Amber storms off, the producer tries to share her side of the story, but Amber refuses to listen.

“Don’t try the director ignorant bulls— with me,” she says. “You know I’m not stupid and you know exactly what you’re talking about. You start doing that s— and I’m done. I’m not talking about this every day.”

The scene ends when Amber grabs her purse and leaves the room.


Sneak Peek No. 4 — “Tyler Thinks Catelynn Is Depressed”

Catelynn Lowell has denied she’s suffering from postpartum depression on several episodes this season of “Teen Mom OG,” but it appears her husband, Tyler Baltierra, disagrees.

Tyler sits down with Catelynn to discuss her recent counseling session in the finale. Catelynn says the professional believes she's depressed. “I honestly think you are,” Tyler says, revealing he’s noticed how much his wife has been sleeping. 

“I need to know what you need me of me to do when you start getting in a rut of depression or anxiety,” he says. Catelynn shares she needs encouragement. 

Catelynn cries when she reveals her issues sometimes make her want to "sleep my life away." 

“I don’t want to deal with that forever," she says. Catelynn shares her biggest fear is their daughter, Nova, growing up and seeing her struggles. 

According to the synopsis for Season 5B's episodes 19  and 20, “Taking Chances; Walk Away,” there will be even more drama in the two-hour finale. TV Guide’s summary for the installment reveals Farrah and her boyfriend, Simon, will “take their relationship to the next level,” Maci will get “upset” over Taylor’s T-shirt business and her ex, Ryan, will make a “big move.”

The finale of “Teen Mom OG” airs Monday, Feb. 22, at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.