• Joseph Jeremy, 18, fatally stabbed Ryan O'Connor, 26, and stole the latter's Gucci bag in a random attack last June
  • The teen assailant was found guilty of murder and robbery at Newport Crown Court Monday
  • There were four others involved in the incident, some of whom were found guilty of robbery and or manslaughter

A British teenager who killed a father and stole the latter's designer bag in a random attack last year allegedly laughed as the victim lay in a pool of blood.

Joseph Jeremy, 18, was found guilty of murder and robbery at Newport Crown Court Monday over the death of 26-year-old Ryan O'Connor on June 10, WalesOnline reported.

A group that consisted of Jeremy, Lewis Aquilina, Elliott Fiteni, Kyle Raisis and Ethan Strickland drove in a stolen Ford Fiesta from Cardiff to Newport, where they spotted O'Connor walking near the Aberthaw Road roundabout at around 9 a.m. that day with a Gucci bag and attacked him, according to the South Wales Argus.

None of the men knew O'Connor.

O'Connor stumbled and fell as he tried to run away from Jeremy and Aquilino, who had dismounted from the Fiesta. Jeremy then stabbed O'Connor multiple times and stole his bag before running back to the car.

The group left the scene, but they drove back shortly later.

Jeremy started "laughing [at], shouting [at] and mocking" O'Connor as the latter was dying, witnesses claimed.

O'Connor, who sustained five stab wounds, died following the attack.

Police later pursued Jeremy's group on the Western Avenue portion of the A48 road.

Strickland, who was on the wheel of the Fiesta at the time, ended up crashing the vehicle on the Glyn Collen estate in Pentwyn, where all five of the members got arrested.

Two knives, including a 15-inch hunting knife, were found inside the Fiesta, while a third knife was found on the estate nearby.

Authorities also seized footage from the defendants' phones, including a video of Jeremy chasing a boy with a knife while shouting, "I've got a knife."

Photos of Jeremy, Raisis, and Strickland posing with the knives used to kill O'Connor, taken days before the incident, were also found.

Raisis was found guilty of manslaughter and robbery. But the 18-year-old from Bartley Wilson Bay, Canton, was not found guilty of murder.

Meanwhile, both Aquilina and Strickland, aged 20 and 19, respectively, were found guilty of robbery.

Aquilina, of Canton Court, Riverside, was awaiting verdicts for charges of murder and manslaughter, of which Strickland, of Clos Briallen, Caerau, was found not guilty of.

Fiteni, 20, of no fixed abode, was found not guilty of all charges.

All five defendants were sent home and scheduled to resume their deliberations Tuesday, a report by The National said.

Representation. Ryan O'Connor, 26, died after he sustained five stab wounds in a random attack. Pixabay